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Why do we enjoy intimate touch?

The desire to receive intimate touch is common to us all. Beyond simply being a pleasurable experience, touch is a remarkably beneficial health treatment. It is extremely effective when incorporated into a programme of treatment for clients with issues around sexual performance and sexuality. Receiving a massage is a wonderful way to relax and recuperate. Massage enables us connect to that primal need of the human body: to receive touch. As a species we are designed to be insecure – it is this innate sense of insecurity that helps us survive. Our bodies are made to receive touch. Our skin alone contains millions of sensory receptors each connecting to our brain. Touch is pleasurable, healthy – and it makes us feel safe and secure. I believe massage is an ideal way for all people to meet this crucial physical and psychological need.

I trained in therapeutic massage and Swedish massage in 1995, and since then I have given over 7,000 hours of all types of massage. I continue to offer massage to a limited number of clients and I also run massage workshops for singles, couples and groups.

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