Intimate Treatments For Women

A journey of sensual touch and erotic exploration to liberate your sexuality

Available to women of all ages and physiques

Introduction to Sensual Massage

What massages treatments are available for women

  • The Intimacy Massage – Introduction 60 minute sensual massage for a cautious start.
  • The Exploration Massage –  A 90 minute sensual massage with light erotic elements for the more sexually confident woman.
  • The Absolute Massage – A 105 minute tailor made sensual building to intense erotic massage designed to your match your desires. Ideal for the sexually adventurous or sexually frustrated woman.
  • The Psychosensual Treatment – A there hour combined psycho-coaching and sensual massage treatment for women experiencing various challenges in sexual fulfilment. This treatment is specifically helpful for those experiencing, anorgasmia, vaginismus, low libido, anxiety around sex and intimacy.

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Sensual Massage is the 4th Option

raditionally intimate touch and erotic arousal can be experienced by a women in three ways:

Option 1 – with a partner 

  • Positive attributes; intimate, trusting, caring.
  • Negative attributes; unskilled, predictable and has become unfulfilling

Option 2 – with a stranger (the one night stand)

  • Positive attributes; exciting, spontaneous, non-emotional and without commitment.
  • Negative attributes; health and pregnancy risk, uncertain security, risk of interfering with regular life.

Option 3 –  Self masturbation

  • Positive attributes; I am relaxed, it is private, I know what I like.
  • Negative attributes; Routine, does not reach all the parts I want reached, no sense of being desired by the other person.

Option 4 – Sensual Massage with erotic arousal

I have been working as a Sex & Relationship Engineer since 2005  and in that time I have helped hundreds of women experience the befits of receiving a sensual massage.  

I have seen women who are happily single, some who are reluctantly single, many who are partnered in loving yet sexually unfulfilling relationships. I also see women who are in relationships where the sex has become routine and predictable, or others who are in good sexually fulfilling relationships but want to explore and learn more about sexually and what their body is capable of sexualy

The backgrounds and situations female clients come for are quite diverse. Some are from upbringings that restrict their sensual and sexual expression. Some are lacking in sexual experience and are nervous and feel naive when it comes to both their own and others’ sensual arousal. Quite a few have challenges with reaching orgasm either with another person or at all. Some come for help to overcome a past negative sexual experience or sexual trauma.  Many simply want to experience their sexuality more completely, without judgement or distraction,  to become the complete sexual being they believe they can be.

About Colin (your masseur)

I am a sex and relationship engineer and master sensual masseur. Fundamentally, I take a humanistic approach to sex and intimacy and see myself as a sex educator and general problem solver of sex and relationship needs and challenges. I aim to help people transform their relationships and sex lives to become what they want and deserve. Working full time in this field since 2005 I have discovered and used various different approaches that are not generally covered by conventional methods to help people in this intimate part of their life. By combining my knowledge of sexual and relationship psychology with my experience as a sensual masseur I am able to work with both the emotional and sexual.

I work with single women, men and couples of any age and orientation.  To list a few of the more frequent aspects I help people with they include; relationship conflict, finding the right partner, reawakening one’s sex life, sexual frustration, lack of sexual experience, sexual performance challenges (inability to orgasm, erectile issues), fear of sex, experiencing sexual complacency in a relationship, and particularly for women exploding libido or low libido. I created Intimacy Matters in 2012 and since then I have helped over 6000 people in many aspects of their relationships and sexuality. My approach to sex and intimacy is best described as humanistic in that I look at the biological, psychological, social, anthropological and erotic influences behind our sensual desires, curiosities and fears. I work with men women and couples of all sexual orientations. Read More

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The Intimacy Matters Sensual Massage for women is open to all no matter your age, physique, motivation, background or situation.

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A Woman’s Journey of Sensual Touch and Erotic Exploration

This Journey of Sensual Touch and Erotic Exploration can be divided in to three treatment stages. Click on the READ MORE under each treatment name for more details of each treatment.

The Introduction Intimacy Massage – £135

A 60 minute sensual massage within a 90 minute appointment that is ideal for the new client who wants to gently explore her first sensual massage experience.

I recommend that any new client who wants to be cautions in their first sensual massage experience start their journey of exploration by first taking the Intimacy Massage Treatment. The Intimacy massage is also the best treatment to start with for the female client who maybe experiencing issues with reaching orgasm (when with others or in masturbation) or feels anxiety or disconnection during sex. For these issues it is best taken within the 3 hour Psychosensual Treatment.

This Intimacy massage follows a traditional therapeutic massage style. The massage covers the whole body and incorporates clitoral stimulation only which is intended to arouse you to possible orgasm. You can choose to be partially naked or fully naked but I remain dressed (I am topless during the massage). The focus is completely on you. This massage does not include any type of internal vaginal penetration.

Before the Intimacy Massage you must complete the Intimacy Massage Authorisation & Request Form in which you can itemise the style, dynamic and arousing elements you want included. Read More 

If you prefer to start with the Exploration or Absolute Massage

If you are a new client and you feel confident to go immediately to either the Explore or Absolute treatments then I require a pre appointment chat with you to go over the treatment content and discuss your motivations. This is to ensure that this is the right treatment for you and that you are fully aware of the more intense intimate nature of the Exploration and Absolute treatments. The chat can be a phone call or if you would like to meet me on camera a zoom chat can be arranged. Contact Colin

New Client Agreement & Satisfaction Form

Before taking any treatment new clients are required to complete and return an Intimacy Authorisation & Request Form.  At each appointment there after on arrival you will also be required to read and sign the Client Agreement & Satisfaction of Service Form

The Exploration Massage – £195

A 90 minute massage within a 2 hour appointment that brings in more expansive arousal and full body sensual and light erotic exploration.

The Exploration massage treatment can be the next step in your journey and is 90 minutes in duration and follows the same process as the Intimacy Massage but the extra time allows for internal vaginal stimulation to be included along side specific consultation request that you may want included. Read More

The Absolute Premium Massage – £235

A 105 minute massage within a two and half hour appointment. This massage is very comprehensive. It is intense and allows for adventurous erotic exploration.

The Absolute massage is the most intense massage treatment given and can be taken after taking the Intimacy massage. Most popular is 105 minutes Premium massage which is 105 minutes in duration and can incorporate all elements given within the Intimacy & Exploration massage treatments but also can include more specific elements such as ejaculation and anal stimulation. The Absolute Sixty is a reduced version of the Absolute Premium which is still intense and fulfilling but less comprehensive in its variety of arousal.  Read More

The Absolute 75 – £155

A 75 minute reduced version of the above Absolute massage that is still intense and explorative but is less comprehensive in its areas of stimulation.

Bundle rates

For clients to combine a series of treatments paid in advance.

  • 3 Treatments – Intimacy, Exploration & Absolute  20% off  £530 reduced to £425
  • 2 treatments – Intimacy & Absolute 15% off £335 reduced to £285
  • 2 Treatments – Intimacy & Exploration 1o% off £295 reduced to £265
  • 3 Treatments – Psychosensual with Intimacy , Exploration then the Absolute 25% off reduced from £755 to £566

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Home or hotels visits

I am sometimes asked if I would see a client in their own location. This maybe your home or a hotel. This can be considered and the price worked out relevant to the distance. Costs would be added to the cost of the treatment. If you were able to arrange more than one appointment at the location then the cost would be shared. Estimated costs are as below.

The many benefits for women of taking a regular sensual massage

Essential therapy as well as for pleasure

Sensual and erotic massage has been around for thousands of years and for much of that time has been seen as healthy, pleasurable and quite normal. From the Ancient Greeks to India and then the Romans, naked massage was the norm. It all changed when the newer religions appeared and arousal of any sort came to be regarded as sexual, ‘carnal’ and only to be experienced conditionally within relationship and for re productive purposes. Anything else was seen and immoral.

However, in the last 30 years sensual massage has become popular again, initially by men who seek to receive erotic arousal and caring intimate attention  as way to de-stress  as well as enjoy sensual pleasures.

Not just a male thing

But if society is to really accept sensual massage as something meaningful, relevant and therapeutic and healthy it will be women who legitimise this as a professionally recognised treatment the powerful therapy that it is.

Reasons female clients have given for wanting to explore their sensuality and sexuality.

  • I enjoy a regular massage, to have my muscles worked professionally but I also want to experience intimate touch so that I can connect with the deeper primal sensual part of myself.
  • I want to experience a sensual massage in ’50 Shades of Grey’ manner where the masseur is in complete control and I can just lay back and enjoy his authority with the knowledge that I am ultimately in control of all that takes place. (Note: This type of sensual massage does not include any BDSM or role play but incorporates assertive massage and some physical body lifting – only in the case of clients with slim to average physiques – as well as strong arousal techniques.) 
  • I like to enjoy the firm yet tender touch of a man without the need to perform or give back sexually.
  • I enjoy receiving arousal and ultimately orgasm through gentle prolonged intimate touch rather than penetrative intercourse.
  • I have a loss of libido.
  • I have a fear of intimacy and am embarrassed about my body but still want to enjoy sensual arousal.
  • I experience painful intercourse and orgasmic dysfunction.
  • I am insecure and sexually inexperienced and want to learn more about my sexuality as well as how to give excellent sensual arousal to my partners.
  • I am a single woman who is happy to not be in a relationship and although my sex life is good I miss the intimacy and tender touch that a relationship brings.
  • I believe that it is right to be able to experience arousal and orgasm without commitment and the responsibilities of a relationship.
  • I want to explore orgasm as I have heard that there are multiple ways a female can achieve this.
  • I am in a marriage/partnership where most else is good but the sex and intimacy has declined and I need to receive intimate attention within a safe professional therapeutic environment that is discreet and private that will not challenge my current situation.

Growth & popularity of sensual massage

It is widely accepted that men seek sex as a means to satisfy sexual drive but often it is the physical intimacy that comes with the sex that they are seeking just as much. If in a non-sexual relationship or a busy life that does not allow them to have a relationship, a man will seek out contact with another human being; in the past, this would have been found by visiting a brothel or seeing a prostitute or escort. However, in the late 1980s tantric massage slipped oilily on to the westerner’s menu; initially lauded by Sting of the pop group, The Police, it brought to notice the possibility that there could be a legitimate way to experience erotic arousal that was not smutty or indulgent but could be seen as a spiritual experience. As the word ‘tantric’ crept further into the public psyche, so men who previously had avoided the impersonal environment of sexual services, began to explore the caring sensual touch of a tantric masseur.

Then, around 2005, and emerging from the tantric world came masseurs like myself who – although supportive of the tantric philosophy, found it did not sit comfortably as a description of how we wanted to present our version of an intimate arousing massage. Having a humanistic approach, sensual massage gives the option of receiving an intimate massage that is based on traditional massage but also encouraged arousal and orgasm. It does not offer any spiritual guidance nor include any ceremony. The treatment focuses more on the body’s natural desire for intimate touch and arousal; it gives the receiver an all-round experience that is relaxing and therapeutic but also stimulating and erotic.

It is my hope that within the next ten years sensual massage will be taken out of the association as a sexual service but be accepted as a legitimate health treatment that is relevant to everyone. A treatments that relaxes our body, improves our sense of well-being and often improves our relationships and sexual performance with partners and loved ones.

However, I believe that if sensual massage is to be fully accepted, it will be women who change these perceptions because women understand that if their bodies are not sexually satisfied they can be negatively effected – physiologically, emotionally and even in their general health and well being.

Victorian hysteria 

In Victorian times thousands of women were diagnosed with a mental disorder known as ‘hysteria’. One of the most common diagnoses of hysteria was for women to have an ‘overt desire or need for sexual arousal’. The treatment for this ‘ghastly mental disorder’ was either masturbation by hand from a doctor to remove the mental psychosis or – much worse – the removal of the woman’s ovaries.

Thankfully attitudes have changed and western society, in particular, does not view female sexuality in this way anymore. However, although no longer persecuted for being sexual -women are still controlled and judged in their sexual behaviour. A man being regularly sexually active is often seen as virile or a stud, while women behaving the same would be seen as ‘loose’ or a slut.

Sensual massage is even more relevant for women

Having a sensual massage with a professional masseur gives a woman a place where she can be private, not judged, and be the centre of attention. A place where she can focus on herself and be able to explore her sexuality in whatever way she likes, without feeling she has to give in return. A place to overcome sexual frustration, explore new sensations, reduce sexual anxieties or simply experience total relaxation by being unconditionally desired and pampered by a professional.

To my mind, it is women who are more justified in seeking erotic stimulation than men. If for no other reason of justification from a health perspective vaginas need physical stimulation to remain healthy.

The practice of receiving sensual massage with vaginal stimulation is becoming increasingly popular for its purported benefits. Vaginal massage is said to improve vaginal sensitivity, alleviate tension in the vaginal walls, and enhance a women’s sex life.

There are a number of reasons for seeking a vaginal massage. Whether it’s to explore your sexuality or recover from physical trauma, vaginal massage can do the following things:

  • It stimulates blood flow and increases circulation, which is beneficial if you experience numbness or pain in the area during sex.
  • Vaginal massage is known to offer some relief from the physical pain associated with childbirth.
  • Some use vaginal massage as a treatment therapy after experiencing sexual violence or trauma.
  • In a clinical context, vaginal massage is sometimes referred to as pelvic floor massage (PFM). PFM often serves as a remedy for myofascial pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, vulvodynia, or incontinence.
  • Vaginal massage positively contributes to your overall health and emotional well-being, with the potential to deliver an improved sex life.

Its now 2021 and women can talk more openly and explore their sexuality much more easily now; magazines abound with information on better orgasms or sexual techniques and then there’s the phenomenon of the book (and film), 50 ‘Shades of Grey’ and its BDSM storyline that 80,000 female readers found fascinating. But it still seems that if a woman admits to enjoying sexual expression and wanting more or something different to what she is currently getting, unlike men, she still has limited options as to where to find it.

If a man feels sexually frustrated he can masturbate and his hand becomes an adequate replacement vagina. But for a female, clitoral stimulation – although very pleasurable – can not recreate the primal sensation of vaginal penetration. Even with the use of a vibrator the feeling of being desired and taken, a fundamental primal desire of the female, cannot be replicated. Thus if not in a functional sexual relationship or not wishing to seek out one night stands, how does a woman get to experience her primal erotic nature? She could slip into a relationship that is fundamentally not right for her but that at least is sexual or she could seek out casual sexual encounters via internet sites or sex apps with anonymous partners whom she knows very little about – in both cases risking not only her reputation and health but also her safety. So what does she do to fulfil her needs? A sensual massage is the answer.

Video interview with Rebecca Dakin – The Great British Sexpert

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The Psychosensual Treatment

Cost £325

3 hours 90 minutes talk mentoring + initially the 60 minute Intimacy massage
The Psychosensual Treatment is combination of counselling with sensual body work and is designed to help people with deeper sexual performance challenges. – Read More


Colin Richards and Intimacy Matters has current Civil Liability Insurance (including Public/Products Liability and Professional Indemnity) that covers both counselling services and therapeutic and sensual massage massage.  Clients taking a sensual massage, a psychosenual massage or any form of sensual treatment or sensual massage classes that involves nudity, arousal, and erotic stimulation do so at their own risk and will be asked to sign a waiver before taking the treatment. To read the full terms & conditions and insurance cover Click here