Getting the Love & Sex U Want

Getting the Love & Sex You Want

In my role as a Sexual Performance & Relationship Mentor and Teacher I often have guys say to me that they prefer to discuss and learn from another guy rather than a female about their sex and relationship needs and issues. So to meet this need I have set up several bespoke programs specifically designed for men. They are called “Intimacy Matters for Men – Getting the Love & Sex You Want”

The program is designed to help guys improve their sexual knowledge, confidence and performance and thus the quality of their intimate relationships. It can also include support on sexuality and sexual exploration. I work with straight, gay, bisexual and bi curious men.

Depending on your needs and location the programs include face to face or remote personal mentoring, psycho-sensual massage treatments, and to improve your sexual confidence, sensual massage workshops with practical tuition on real male and/or female (volunteer) receiver


images (8)If you want to know more about my IMFM programs and the free 1-1 mentoring session that I am offering then email me direct on or call me on 07966522696

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