Discover your primal woman with a four hands sensual massage

So much of our daily existence requires us to remain “in control”. This comes from a learnt sense of responsibility and duty to others; mostly these are our partners, friends, colleagues even our boss`s and many of us become so used to this state that we can get stuck in it. For many this need to be “in control” can overspill into personal lives and when in the most intimate moments also find it hard to let go and enjoy the moment.  For men, this “others focussed” state can often at best hinder our ability to enjoy sensual sensations and at worst result in sexual performance problems.

For women today, there is the added challenge of society’s expectations to behave or not behave is a certain way. Most women will agree that from whatever culture, background, belief system they come from there will be certain subtle (often not so subtle) emotional and social controls in place to hinder them from being able to express their true sensual and sexual needs. The four hands Sensual Massage for women goes a long way to enabling women to experience this primal dynamic without putting them in an exposed unsafe situation. The four hands sensual massage is given by Colin and one of his recommended male or female associate masseurs, who this is dependent on the need of the “receiver” since each four hands massage is tailor made to specific needs and desires.


The pleasure and benefits of having a four hands sensual massage

A 4 hands massage is given by two masseurs simultaneously. Starting at either end of the body their hands knead, stroke and explore your whole body. Initially starting with some traditional muscle massage, the rhythm soon picks up as your body responds.  Usually, within only 10 minutes of the massage beginning the “receiver” will find herself “giving over” as her body arouses. The four hands can be a totally self-indulgent experience where the “receiver” just lays back and enjoys the ride, or it can be a mutually erotic experience with three-way intimate touch. So like a Roller Coaster ride, the 4 Hands massage should be approached with excited anticipation, ridden with wondrous abandonment and then afterwards delight in the memory of having experienced it. Great for the woman who want to explore a feeling total abandonment and explore erotic fantasy.


Four hands sensual massage options & prices

With Colin and a male masseur

90-minute massage – £ 385

60-minute massage – £285

With Colin and a female masseur

90-minute massage – £385

60-minute massage – £285

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