Jasmin’s Premium Absolute Massage

given by Colin with an introductory commentary 

Below is a 42-minute video showing excerpts from the full-body Absolute Massage and includes both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

The Absolute massage is a 105 minute Absolute Premium and can be taken by anyone who has already received a sensual massage from Colin but new clients must first experience the 60 minute introduction to Sensual Massage Intimacy Massage.

The erotic content in the video is limited and focuses on the massage and stimulation for the female. To find out what elements can be included in the Absolute Massage read the Absolute Authorisation & Request Form.

As well as giving Colin authorisation to give you this intimate treatment, completing the A & R Form also gives you the opportunity to inform Colin in advance the type and intensity of arousal you are comfortable to experience within the massage. It also enables you to inform Colin of any specific areas you want to explore and any limits and boundaries you want to be maintained. 

Click here to complete the Authorisation & Request Form 

The Absolute Premium is made up of the following parts

  • Overture – 10% light gentle introduction enliven your body.
  • Therapeutic – 35% – traditional muscular massage to relax you.
  • Sensual – 25% – arousing, intimate exploration.
  • Erotic – 25% – dynamic, exciting, orgasmic, climatic.
  • Rest and Relax – 5% – resolution and calm.
  • Optional Reprise – + 10% Extra time can be added if the receiver wants more erotic stimulation ( Absolute Premium only )

To help you identify your specific likes and boundaries there is a section with a Zero -10 score system to gauge your level of interest. There is also a free text area for you to add anything that is not on the list. Zero means you don’t want this particular element included. 10 means you definitely want this element included.  3, 5, 7, are variants.

Even if you have not booked an appointment you can complete and send this to me as completing it helps you consider what you may want to explore. But I cannot see you unless this form is submitted.

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