Jasmin’s 105-Minute Absolute Premium Massage

Video demonstration given by Colin including an introductory commentary 

Below is a 42-minute video showing excerpts from the 105-minute full-body Absolute Premium Massage given by Colin to women. This massage is the most intense and erotic, including clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The model in this video was filmed with her consent. Clients are never filmed when taking a sensual massage.

The Absolute Premium massage can be taken by anyone who has either already received a sensual massage from Colin or feels sexually experienced and confident. This can be confirmed with Colin by emailing him your reasons and expectations for the massage.

For those new to sensual massage or who are sexually less experienced,  Colin recommends they start with Exploration Massage or Intimacy Massage.

The erotic content in the video is limited and focuses on the massage and stimulation of the female. To find out what elements can be included in the Absolute Massage read the explicit description or the Absolute Consent Authorisation & Request Form.

As well as giving Colin authorisation to give you this intimate treatment, completing the CAR Form also offers you the opportunity to inform Colin in advance of the type and intensity of arousal you are comfortable experiencing within the massage. It also enables you to inform Colin of any specific areas you want to explore and any limits and boundaries you wish to be maintained. 

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