Sensual massage improves men’s and women’s sexual intimacy and pleasure

sensual massage for men improves erections

The Misunderstood Male

It frustrates me that people often accuse men of being interested in only one thing: sex. While it’s true that men love sex—it’s biologically programmed into us to seek out opportunities for reproduction—this oversimplified view misses a crucial aspect of male sexuality. Most men cherish physical, intimate touch just as much as if not more than, the act of sex itself. Many men struggle to perform confidently unless they feel an intimate connection with their partner, whether female or male. That why sensual massage improves men and women’s sexual intimacy and pleasure.

There’s no doubt that the adage “women have a higher threshold of pain than men” is accurate, largely due to the demands of childbirth. However, I’d argue that “men have a lower threshold of pleasure than women.” Having given over 7,000 sensual massages to men and around 1500 to women, I’ve observed that male bodies generally respond more quickly and intensely to touch than female bodies.

With men, evidence of arousal typically becomes apparent within the first 5-10 minutes of a massage. Gentle moans or subtle body movements often indicate their growing pleasure. As the massage progresses, these reactions become more pronounced. Stroking a man’s back, scratching my nails on his bum or inner thighs, or even massaging his scalp elicits immediate, pleasurable responses. As the oxytocin hormone floods his body, his arousal becomes evident, along with a profound need for connection. This isn’t a predatory sexual approach; it’s a genuine need for acceptance and approval. Touching and caressing intimate areas can signal complete acceptance, further enhancing his arousal and comfort.

The Power of Sensual Massage

Learning to give and receive a sensual massage can significantly improve an individual’s or couple’s sex life. Sensual massage fosters a deep sense of intimacy and connection, which is crucial for sexual satisfaction. It allows partners to explore each other’s bodies in a non-pressured, pleasurable way, building trust and enhancing emotional bonds.

Research supports the benefits of touch and massage in enhancing sexual health. A study published in the Journal of Sex Research found that couples who engaged in regular massage reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction and sexual intimacy. Another study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior highlighted that physical touch and affectionate behaviours are strongly correlated with sexual satisfaction and overall well-being.

Social Sexuality

In my experience, male-to-male massage often emphasizes bonding rather than eroticism. The act of touching and stroking, especially in intimate areas, creates a profound sense of connection. In female-to-male sensual massages, a man’s touch towards the female masseur is usually seen as a sexual advance. However, I believe this is more about seeking acceptance and approval. When a man feels accepted, he naturally becomes more aroused. Men must communicate their need for touch and connection to their partners, masseurs, or escorts, explaining that their touch is a tender, meaningful gesture rather than a predatory grab.

sensual massage for men improves erections

The Choice: Quick Fix or Deep Connection?

If I stood in Trafalgar Square with a placard offering men either a free five-minute sexual encounter or a 90-minute full-body sensual massage that includes manual orgasm, I am certain most men, especially those over 25, would opt for the longer, more intimate experience. This preference highlights the deeper need for connection and touch over mere physical release.

In my workshops, I often ask participants whether they would prefer bad hand masturbation or no hand masturbation at all. Women almost always choose the latter, emphasizing the importance of quality and effort. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to accept any form of touch, reflecting a fundamental difference in sexual dynamics. Women seek to be desired and appreciate effort, while men value the act of being touched as a sign of acceptance.

why women are sexually frustrated

The Frustrated Female

Many women experience sexual frustration for various reasons, including societal pressures, stress, lack of communication with their partners, and a limited understanding of their bodies. Women are often conditioned to prioritize their partner’s pleasure over their own, leading to an unsatisfying sexual experience. Additionally, misconceptions about female sexuality can prevent women from fully exploring and enjoying their sexual potential.

The Demure Debutante or the Erotic Time Bomb?

When I give a sensual massage to a female client, her touch response is usually slower and more gradual. Immediate responses are rare; typically, it takes about 30 minutes before I see the effects of my touch. This gradual arousal process, driven by the release of oxytocin, starts with subtle movements and moans. Once a woman feels safe and accepted, her initial reticence gives way to primal sexual energy. After building trust, women often experience prolonged waves of orgasmic sensation, revealing their powerful, inherent sexuality.

sexual expression for women with sensual massage

How Sensual Massage Satisfies a Woman’s Libido

Receiving a sensual massage can address these frustrations by creating a safe, accepting space where a woman can focus entirely on her pleasure. Sensual massage allows women to learn more about their bodies and discover what types of touch and stimulation they find most pleasurable. This exploration is crucial for improving sexual satisfaction and confidence.

sexual expression for women with sensual massage

The Importance of Feeling Like the Center of Attention

During a sensual massage, the woman becomes the centre of attention, which can significantly heighten her arousal and ability to reach orgasm. This focused attention makes her feel valued and desired, fostering a sense of security and relaxation. When a woman feels that she is the priority, she can let go of inhibitions and fully embrace the pleasure she is experiencing. This not only enhances her physical sensations but also deepens her emotional connection with her partner or therapist.

erotic massage improves sex for couples


Sensual massage offers profound benefits for both men and women, enhancing intimacy, trust, and sexual fulfilment. By understanding and appreciating the need for intimate touch and connection, individuals and couples can significantly improve their sex lives. Whether learning to give a sensual massage or experiencing one, the effects are transformative, fostering deeper bonds and heightened sexual pleasure. For women, in particular, sensual massage provides a pathway to overcoming sexual frustration, learning about their bodies, and feeling truly valued and desired, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling sex life. Remember sensual massage improves men and women’s sexual intimacy and pleasure