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Dinner & Decadence Party

Chelsea Central London SW3

This is an adult event for discerning couples and a few single male and female guests to enjoy an evening of good food, specialist wine, like-minded company and an afterparty where intimacy, sensual massage and erotic exploration are encouraged but not expected. This is a very popular party and almost always fully booked. The demographic of the guest attending the party are AB and C1 and aged from the late 20s to early 60’s, most in their ’30’s 40’s, 50’s

Specifically designed to be an exclusive yet friendly and non-ostentatious event, the party is personally hosted by Colin and his partner Clare who, with the help of a naked butler and guest masseurs, take great care in making sure everyone has a wonderful time.  Guest numbers are limited to around 30 persons, ten mixed-gender couples and ten singles (five female & five male)  of any orientation.

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Forthcoming D & D Party Dates 2024

Following Colin’s recent move to his new treatment venue in Sloane Square, which is unsuitable for the D&D and after-parties, we are currently looking for a new after-party venue. Once found, the parties will resume.

We are also investigating running a D & D-themed event as an overnight party at a venue outside London and also as a couples 4/5 day adult lifestyle sex-positive holiday in Gran Canaria.

To be kept informed of future event dates, Register Here


Purchasing Tickets


Couples tickets are quoted as a pair. As a couple, you will be expected to arrive and leave at the event together. You will sit together throughout the dinner and after-party and share responsibility for each other’s behaviour. Both must go if one decides to leave or is asked to leave. 

Same Gender/Trans Couples

If you want to attend as a same-gender couple, you must confirm that you are in an intimate sexual relationship on application. As a couple, you will be expected to arrive and leave at the event together. You will sit together throughout the dinner and after-party and share responsibility for each other’s behaviour. Both must go if one decides to leave or is asked to leave. 

Single Females
Any single female is welcome to join the party, and we take great care to ensure your welfare and enjoyment of the party. There are up to five places for single females.

Single Males 

To ensure that the single males attending a party are respectful and follow the party guidelines and etiquette, the five places for single males are only available to single men who have either undertaken at least the Group Foundation Massage My Woman or Group Touch & Turn On workshop or taken the same as a Private Class with Colin. We also consider single men invited and personally vouched for by a previous party guest(s). The single male must complete his application form, and the contact details of the recommender must be given to verify.

Repeat tickets for single males and females.

We receive many enquiries from single males and females wanting to attend a D & D party. We operate an allocation system to give all applicants a chance to attend. The first party can be booked in advance, but for any subsequent parties in the year, repeat requests are placed on a standby list, and tickets are offered only after new single males or females have had a chance to book. Repeat single males and females are notified of availability within two weeks before the party date and can buy their tickets then. There are no repeat booking terms for couples.

Ticket Prices

Couples – £275 per couple (usually about 10-12 couples) 

Single female –  £150 per person ( max five single females) 

Single male – £150 per person (max five single males)

The ticket prices include champagne on arrival, a 3-course dinner with paired wines with each course, after dinner sexy social including sensual massage exploration with unlimited Prosecco and soft drinks included.

Cancellation Terms

Cancellation up to 4 weeks: After purchasing your ticket, you can cancel or transfer your ticket to another party date up to four weeks before the event at no charge.

Cancellation within 3 to 1 week: If you want to cancel or transfer your ticket to another date between 3 to 1 week before the event, you will be charged a £50 administration fee.

Serial transfers or cancellations  – In line with the above terms, we will refund or transfer your ticket JUST ONCE. If you make a second booking, transfer your original ticket to another date, and cancel again, there is NO TRANSFER OR REFUND.

Cancellation within one week: If you cancel your ticket within 1 week of the event, there is NO REFUND OR TRANSFER TO OTHER EVENTS.

No show at the event – If you are a no-show, then there is NO REFUND OR TRANSFER TO OTHER EVENTS

What Takes Place

Most parties are held on a Saturday evening. Starting at 7.30 pm, guests are invited to a champagne reception to meet and chat with other like-minded guests. Following the reception, guests continue to get to know one another by sitting to enjoy a sumptuous 3-course dinner with paired wines included.  During this dinner, the guest rotates from table to table after every course, thus maximising the conversation and connections.

No Pressure, Just Pleasure

After the dinner, guests are ushered on to a private house party where, in a relaxed non, pressurised atmosphere, they are invited to explore intimacy and erotic touch to a level comfortable to each individual. Those guests who want to remain observant can only locate themselves in a snug area and chat and watch as the activity goes around them.

D & D is not designed to be a swinger’s event, as there is no expectation for people to interact with others unless they want to. By incorporating sensual massage as an additional theme  (5 massage beds at the ready), guests can tease and tantalise one another. They can be the prelude to more erotic group intimate play. Dinner & Decadence is an occasion where guests can maintain intimacy between themselves or enjoy the company of other couples and singles.

Do I need to know how to give a massage?

To enjoy a D & D party, you do not need to have any massage experience but love giving or receiving intimate pleasure.

D & D is an event open to all sexualities, and the term couple means you attend with a member of the opposite or same gender that you are happy to explore with – this could be a life partner, a friend with benefits or anything in between.

The ticket prices include champagne on arrival, a 3-course dinner with paired wines with each course, after dinner sexy social including sensual massage exploration with Prosecco and soft drinks included.

Chat to past D & D guests for a genuine review of the party

The D &D review is a telegram chat group that past guests of D & D have agreed to be part of to give those thinking of attending a party in the future some insight into what to expect and how a D & D party unfolds.

So, to discover how previous guests enjoyed the D & D evenings. 

Click on the link below to enter this private chat group. You can be anonymous by changing your name and details.

Ask a question, and someone will reply or read the early comments.

Apply to attend a party

Before buying a ticket to any party, they must complete the D & D application form. Once completed, you are sent a link to purchase your ticket. In certain circumstances, the organisers may reject an applicant.

The Detail

The Principal 

In the 17 years that Colin has worked as a Sex & Relationship Engineer and Sexologist/Masseur, and as part of his job, he and Clare have attended quite a few adult events. On seeing for themselves and listening to others, they devised the D & D formula to focus on personal hosting with an event that included an introduction period for people to gently get to know one another, followed by a non-expectation intimate adult party.

Colin & Clare believe that, first and foremost, an adult party should be a successful party so that if guests choose not to get intimate, they still leave having had a delightful time.  At every D & D party, the hosts and their team strive to give guests the best possible time in an environment where newly exploring and experienced adult party-goers can feel equally welcome and enjoy themselves without pressure or judgement.

What happens at a Dinner & Decadence Party?

The Dinner

The evening begins with a welcome champagne reception at the curiously named 28°- 50°  restaurant, one of Kings Road’s ( 300 King’s Rd, London SW3 5UH) newest celebrated posh eateries that have recently been featured on the TV show Made In Chelsea.

Guests arrive between 7.30 pm to 7.45 pm and are greeted by the hosts, Colin & Clare, who will introduce them to other guests. With the help of a light-hearted icebreaker conversation game, everyone soon relaxes and makes acquaintance with other guests. At 8 pm, guests are ushered into a private dining room to enjoy a sumptuous three-course dinner with coffee, each course paired with a house-recommended wine. To ensure you meet as many other guests as possible after every course, you will move to another table. ( couples remain together ).

The Decadence

After dinner, guests are invited to walk (or taxi) to the nearby Intimacy Matters residence, a charming bijou Georgian Townhouse about 500m away along Kings Rd towards Sloane Square. Where the evening continues and where we hope layers will loosen as temperatures rise to boiling point!

Once at the Intimacy Matters residency, guests can sit, relax, and continue chatting in the comfortable living room area. For the voyeurs, there is a short, no, holds-barred, sensual massage demonstration to watch.  For guests eager to put their erotic massage skills to work, there is the first-floor Group Massage Room with three massage beds. Dim lights, music and plenty of hot oil soon make this room a must-visit place, even if to watch.

For guests who prefer privacy, there is a massage bed in the Conservatory and another within the Peep Hole Annex. For those guests who want to take things further with their partner or with others, there is a Play Room with a super king play bed.  For convenience, there are also two bathrooms with showers and three lavatories. All necessary accessories are provided.

Generally, once guests arrive at the house party venue, they change into a robe (provided) or bring attire that they prefer to wear. Nudity is also quite welcome!

Further Details

Dress for the Dinner – Smart, sexy attire

Dress for the Decadence – As little as you wish ( robes provided )

Nearest Tube – Sloane Square

Arrival – at 28°- 50° Chelsea – 7.30pm

Depart to the Intimacy Matters Residence – From 10.30 pm

Evening finishes – 3 am (if you stay on after 2 am, remaining guests are encouraged to be fully naturist)

Programme & menu for the evening

Once you have booked your ticket, the programme for the event will be sent to you a couple of days before, together with a guest list introducing you to one another. At this point, you will also be invited to join a PRE-PARTY CHAT ROOM on Telegram to introduce yourself to other guests before meeting them at the Restaurant. If you require a more discreet way to pay for your ticket, email Colin back, and I can send you details to send payment by bank transfer or cash into the bank.

Special diets

Anyone with an allergy or a special diet should let Colin know, and he will give details of who at the restaurant can be spoken to to ensure you have what you like in the evening.

Example Menu

Dinner & Decadence

3-Courses with a glass of wine paired with each course Champagne on arrival

To Share

-Olives & Smoked Almonds to nibble-


Charcuterie Selection

Padron Peppers Boneless Chicken Wings


Garden Sharing Platter (V) Hummus, Truffle Arancini & Artichoke Tempura

Wine Pairing: Albarino, Tambora, Nina Costera, Spain To Follow

Corn-fed Chicken Breast

Heritage carrots, golden beetroot & truffle jus


Leek fondue, shellfish & saffron creme

Wild Mushroom Risotto (Ve) Chesnuts, leek & shallots

Wine Pairing: Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Monte Tessa, Italy To Finish

French Vanilla Rice Pudding

Pistachio & Caramel

Lemon Posset

Blood orange & sable biscuit Wine Pairing: Moscato

(V) Vegetarian. (Ve) Vegan. If you have an allergy to any food product or dietary requirement, please advise us before ordering. Allergen information is available upon request.

All welcome

This is a mixed-gender event and is open to all sexualities. This is a safe space for you to have a fabulous, fun, flirtatious frisky, sexually fulfilling evening, with no expectations or pressure to engage in any activity you are uncomfortable with.

Etiquette & Consent at the After Party

This may mean you take this opportunity to chat and enjoy the company of like-minded people. You may want to strip off and give and receive a sensual massage with your partner, or if you feel a wider chemistry, you may want to explore erotic touch with others. As long as it’s fully consensual, what you choose to do and how far you go is up to you. We hope everyone has a great time, but please remember that we all have different desires and boundaries, so before approaching anyone, check they are open to playing and how they like to play.

We recommend you make clear your sexual orientation ie straight, bisexual, heteroflexible or open to exploring same-gender touch and whether you are comfortable being touched intimately by someone. No means no! Anyone not adhering to this will be asked to leave.

Age and body type demographic

We believe that attraction goes far beyond looks and body type. Having a relaxing dinner with stimulating conversation before any intimate activity takes place enables a wide range of ages to mix and feel potential chemistry.

Experience and wisdom can be as sexy as toned biceps, pert breasts and a tight bum. The ideal event will have a cross-section of ages and physiques. However, we expect all attendees to be healthy and virus-free or STIs. Couples are welcome from the age of 21 to 65 can apply, but those over the age of 65 can only attend if they are accompanying a partner who is under the age of 65. The maximum guideline age for single men and women is 60, but if you are over 60, don’t hesitate to contact us, as each application is considered.

The ideal event will have a cross-section of ages, so we allocate places according to these approximate age brackets.

21 to 30 – 15%

31 to 40 – 25%

41 to 50 – 30%

50 to 60 – 20%

60 to 65 – 10%

We hope that everyone has a great time, but please remember that we all have desires and boundaries that may be different, so before making any approach to anyone, check they are open to play and how they like to play.

Tryon House

Living Room

How to attend a Dinner & Decadence event


  1. To attend any D & D event, you must first complete an APPLICATION FORM

This applies to all occasions whether you have attended one before out not.

Buying Tickets

  1. Once your application form is received and provided, we still have the relevant places available you will be sent the link to purchase your ticket online or with an arrangement by bank transfer. Places are limited to 30 persons with an equal gender balance. 
  2. Places are NOT confirmed until payment is received
  3. Once payment is made, you will be sent a receipt and a few days before the event, the evening programme and guest list will be made available to you.
  4. At this point, you will also be invited to join a PRE-PARTY CHAT ROOM on Telegram to introduce yourself to other guests before meeting them at the Restaurant.

Be kept informed

Or if you just want to be kept informed about future Dinner & Decadence events, you can Register Here

The conservatory massage room

Your hosts – Colin & Clare

Also attending is The Naked Butler & Butleress ( example images )

To ask a question, email Colin at

Recommended nearby hotels

Sloane Place

Sloane Square Hotel

11 Cadogan Gardens

Premier Inn Battersea

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