Podcast Survey – Results

Over the past couple of years, it has been suggested by many clients and subscribers that I should host an Intimacy Matters Podcast. I have thought about this and contemplated how the format might be. I am not one for talking endlessly into a microphone alone, but I prefer honest conversations with others, so finding an accomplice has been my first task.

I have known Chrissie since 2015, when her PR skills helped me get my big break within the media with an eight-page article in Cosmopolitan magazine. Even to this day, that article brings new clients. Since then, Chrissie has supported me with written pieces on sexuality that have helped me feature in mainstream media or TV every year. Consequently, we have chatted extensively about my work and my philosophies around sexuality.

Chrissie and I have discussed how the Podcast format might look and sound. A combination of episodes, some with just the two of us chatting about particular topics generated by subscribers’ questions and some with guests. These would be other sexperts, practitioners, and people with stories about sex and all it encompasses.

But to better understand the details, we decided to do a small survey/questionnaire to ask my colleagues, clients and followers for their thoughts and suggestions on what would be the most relevant and catchy name of the podcast and what topics you think people might want to listen to.

Below are the results of this survey. Many thanks to the 155 people who replied.

Your opinion really helps Chrissie to decide what to name the podcast, what platforms are most popular and what content listeners would like to enjoy.


Top 10 most popular subjects ( out of 155 )

1  Better sex for men – 85

2 Better sex for women – 77

3 Couples sexual exploration 74

4 Better oral techniques  – 64

5 Colin case studies and anecdotes male clients – 63

6 Sex, pleasure guilt and shame – 61

7 Sex with strangers – 60

8 Colins case studies and anecdotes female clients – 57

9 My life as a sensual masseur – 55

10 Mens sexual performance challenges – 52

Other interesting statistics

Hot wifing & cuckolding – 42

Sex after 60 – 39