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    Please tell me your motivation and expectations for the massage or tuition you are interested in. Give details about any past experience in sensual/erotic bodywork, your current health or any other facts that may be relevant to taking a sensual massage, psychosensual treatment, coaching or tuition with me.

    Notifications & Exclusions to Massage

    The sensual massage for men and women unless requested not to includes intimate contact and arousal to orgasm which by its nature increases heart rate. Therefore sensual massage is NOT suitable for anyone with the following conditions:

    1. You are over 125 kilos or have a BMI over 35
    2. You are diagnosed as either severely or morbidly obese
    3. You suffers from a serious heart condition or has had a recent heart operation
    4. You are taking medication for a heart condition
    5. You have an untreated STI
    6. You are seeking just sex
    7. You have a virus, bacterial symptoms or serious skin condition
    8. You do not have a normal temperature
    9. You display any symptoms of Covid 19

    In the cases of skin disorders, epilepsy or if you suffer from fits have high blood pressure or have an STI or are HIV positive, please discuss your condition with Colin before making the appointment.


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