pic10These days many couples find it hard to fit sex into their busy schedules. And it’s perfectly normal for people to go through periods when they’re just not in the mood for lovemaking. Busy working lives, children and other day-to-day commitments that a modern lifestyle encourages all can affect the frequency of intimacy between partners. For many, over-familiarity of each other can be enough to cause a drop in sexual intimacy. Falling into a regular pattern when sex becomes unimaginative, even boring, can also be a reason why couples struggle to find sexual satisfaction.

Seeking treatment for sex problems has become more socially acceptable today, but it’s still not easy for many people to talk to a professional about such an intimate area. There are probably a lot of people out there who could use therapy but don’t come because they’re embarrassed. They may go through years of needless pain or dissatisfaction.

The obvious thing is that you’re dealing with the human body so you can’t just talk about how you feel, you’ve got to work on the physical level as well. Sex therapy generally addresses the emotional issues underlying sexual problems and employs behavioural techniques to deal with the physical symptoms.

I offer couples a down-to-earth approach to sex. I create an environment where you can talk freely and comfortably about any aspect of your sex lives. I take time to understand your mutual dynamic and what is causing the challenge. I help you to both explore your desires to find out what it is you both want and then we talk about how these can be incorporated into your relationship – how your sex life can be energised and exciting again without risking all the other qualities your relationship already has.


Other areas of relationship challenge

  • Sexual performance issues and exploration
  • Re-energising the sexual relationship
  • Overcoming health and age challenges
  • Dealing with high libido in a relationship with a partner whose sex drive is declining
  • Conflicting sexual choices and preferences
  • Changing sexual aspirations


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