When the country’s leading sensual masseur offers you his Absolute premium treatment, you’d be foolish to turn it down. I had the pleasure of meeting Colin when I interviewed him for a podcast, and a lover – a masseur himself – had also raved about Colin’s introductory training in the art of seductive massage. So I knew what I was in for, though I suspected each session with this Sex & Intimacy Engineer is entirely unique, tailored to the client’s desires.

Hi. Welcome to my world. I’m the co-creator of Startup School for Seniors, a jazz and blues aficionado with a special love for women artistes, and the host of the sizzling hot podcast, Sex Advice for Seniors.Get ready to strap on your learning boots, groove to the infectious beats, and dive headfirst into juicy conversations about love, lust, and all things intimate.I’m all about challenging stereotypes and I’m determined to rewrite the rulebook of ageing with a whole lot of fun, laughter, and unforgettable experiences.

Before my visit, Colin sent me a comprehensive consent form – covering everything from my preferred pressure to my comfort level with intimacy. I wanted to be open to his expertise, but I also needed those pesky knots in my back addressed. Fortunately, this seasoned professional proved more than capable of catering to all my needs during our 105-minute rendezvous.

Upon arrival at his light-filled, courtyard-tucked apartment/studio tucked behind Sloane Square Station in London, we chatted on the couch, refining the plan for the session before moving to the sumptuous memory foam massage table. As I sank into the bed, what followed was a fully immersive sensory experience – his fingers, elbows, and even his breath dancing across my oiled, unclothed body. Utilising a range of various implements such as a feather, wire scratcher, and vibrators, sensations blended seamlessly, leaving me in a state of blissful euphoria, unexpected erogenous zones awakening under his skilled touch. At times, I had no idea where one sensation had ended and where the next one had begun.

Time seemed to evaporate as I floated in this heightened plane of pleasure, my whole being alight. I discovered places on myself that I had never considered particularly sensitive came alive under his touch. And just when I thought the experience couldn’t get any more divine, Colin treated me to some delightful teasing in the more familiar erogenous zones, ramping up all the nerves in my body and leaving me shuddering. By the end, I was swimming in warm, luxurious oil – which I happily rinsed off in the studio’s modern, spotless shower.

If you’re seeking to reconnect with your most intimate self, indulging in one of Colin Richard’s premium massages is an absolute must. It’s an out-of-this-world experience that’ll have you feeling like you’ve taken a week-long vacation. Trust me, this is one massage you won’t soon forget.

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