The Festival of Tantra

The Energy of Life online festival featuring The Paths of Transformation is a new addition to the burgeoning online tantra festival scene, specifically designed to showcase the teachings of these paths. 

The Paths of Transformation trainings are the work of John Hawken and offer 8 developmental transformation paths based on over 35 years of John’s work as a pioneer in the fields of Bioenergetics, tantra and shamanism developed in individual and group work. The paths are:

  • Sacred Body, Passionate Spirit (The Tantric Path)
  • Beyond Bioenergetics
  • Transformational Tantra Massage
  • The Shamanic Path
  • The Path of Pilgrimage
  • The Path of Relationship
  • The Path of Dark Eros
  • The Path of Transformation

All of the above paths are yearlong trainings, with the exception of Dark Eros, which is offered as an intensive program and of course pilgrimage which are transformational holiday retreats.

John’s teachings and approach are based on grounded existential tantra and shamanic practices which integrate the light and the dark, heaven and the earth, spirit and body.  They offer singles and couples the possibility to find one’s power, how to take more pleasure out of life, and the key for all of this: how to open one’s heart.

John will be teaching during the festival, along with his teachers and some of his newly trained faculty.

For anyone curious about the transformational path, this weekend is an excellent opportunity to dive in and sample the power of harnessing body wisdom as a fast track path to self-development and transformation.

The schedule has been developed to offer a good look under the hood of these teachings, whilst allowing time for connection, fun and play.

You can see John talk about the paths here:

The team look forward to welcoming you! Sign up at :

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