9 things you need to know about your clitoris because it is actually magic

Colin’s feature article in Cosmopolitan 24th July

massage33clitorisThe clitoris is without a doubt incredible. Not that we need any further proof of this (erm, have you seen what one of these babies can do?!), but relationship and sex mentor Colin Richards, and Clue researchers reckon there’s 10 more, pretty awesome and surprising things you should know about the not-so-humble clit.

1. It’s way bigger than you think. The size of the tissue underneath what’s visible (which is only about a quarter of it) can be around four inches. Recently, MRI studies have allowed researchers to approximate the volume of a non-aroused clitoris as ranging from 1.5 to 5.5mm. When a woman is aroused, the clitoris roughly doubles in size, increasing pressure on the nerve-dense area at the anterior vaginal wall. The glans alone averages 2.4 to 4.4 mm wide and 3.7 to 6.5 mm long.

2. It functions just like a penis. When a baby is conceived, whether male or female, initially their genital tissue is exactly the same. It only begins to change into a penis or labia after around 12 weeks, meaning that the clitoris and penis are both comprised of the same things; erectile tissue, a foreskin (the clitoral hood), glans, and even a small shaft.

3. It has 8,000 nerve endings. The vaginal tunnel itself doesn’t have much sensation, but there is a reason the clitoris is so sensitive, and that is because it has eight THOUSAND nerve endings. That’s double the amount of nerve ending of the penis.

4. It keeps growing, and never ages. Just like the nose, the clitoris keeps on growing past puberty. Not only that, it never actually ages. Aside from it growing with age, there is no physical difference between a 30 or 70-year-old clitoris.

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