Discover and explore a world where every adult has space, freedom, knowledge, and power to elevate their pleasure, sexual health, and wellbeing. MysteryVibe is a sexual health technology company inventing award-winning products that combine the best of humanity and technology, to elevate people’s sexual health and wellbeing. They invent critically-acclaimed, doctor-endorsed vibrators that fuse cutting edge technology with intimacy.

The Crescendo

The Bendable Smart Vibrator

​Crescendo’s body-safe, premium silicone structure effortlessly molds to anyone’s unique shape, for a truly personalized experience. Crescendo is designed to mimic the human fingers and deliver targeted vibrations exactly where you want them. With 6 motors along the length of its shaft, there are multiple stimulation points throughout. Use your hands to bend Crescendo into different shapes and find the shape that works best for you each time. All the motors can be programmed individually and controlled using the app so you can create a vibration pattern that is completely tailored to you.

“My Crescendo made me feel whole again. The creativity of the app helps me personalise the vibrations and makes every solo pleasure session is completely different! 6 months in and I am still discovering new ways to orgasm.”

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The Tenuto

The Wearable Smart Vibrator

Tenuto encourages exploration—beyond just orgasm—and helps with stronger, longer lasting erections with increased blood flow to the penis. Tenuto is powered by 6 individual motors that stimulate the penis, testicles and perineum heightening sensations. It can be worn comfortably during intercourse or used solo. Tenuto’s front 3 motors will not only stimulate the penis but also deliver powerful vibrations to the partner’s labia and clitoris. Not only does Tenuto help close the orgasm gap with vibrations for your partner, it also helps each user to discover a range of often-ignored pleasure points and establish sexual wellness as a pillar in their overall wellbeing.

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The Poco

The Bendable Smart Bullet Vibrator

Poco is the only compact bendable smart vibrator. Don’t let its size fool you, Poco is packed with the very best innovation to heighten your pleasure in the most discreet way. With 2 mind-blowing motors, 16 intensity levels, and 8 pre-set patterns (and more available on the MysteryVibe app), Poco has features not seen before on a portable bullet vibrator. Poco helps users access new forms of pleasure through targeted stimulation with a product that is easy to hold and simple to operate.

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