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Intimacy Matters is celebrating its 14th year with about 16,000 clients, subscribers and followers.  Many have visited me in London for treatments, classes, workshops, or parties. I see people from all over the world and often get asked if I know of anyone in their area they can connect with so it seemed a good idea to facilitate this by creating a chat group on telegram.

Intimacy Matters Followers group chat was launched on June 2, 2024. It is the first phase of creating a networking platform to unite sensual massage lovers and general sensualists with one another.

Sensualists definition – (those who enjoy giving and/or receiving intimate erotic touch and creative sexual pleasure)

Connections are already being made  across the UK, and works wide  including, Ireland,  Australia, the US, Europe, East and South Asia, and the Middle East. You never know who might be nearby and eager to connect or exchange a sensual massage.

To qualify to join, you should take great pleasure in giving and receiving erotic intimacy or, ideally, have some experience in giving or receiving a sensual massage. You should be some one who appreciates intimacy and connection when enjoying sex. Empathy and authenticity should be a large part of your values and most of all a good person.

To get access too the chat group you must complete the Application Form 

If you do not have any massage experince then I also have a web site  Intimate Tutorials website, where you will find many videos teaching various types of sensual massage and erotic foreplay techniques.

Read the RULES below and fill out the application form. Approved applicants will receive the IMF group chat link.

To join, you must agree to follow some simple rules.

On joining:

  1. Provide a name, not just a letter
  2. Introduce yourself and state your regular location (country, city).
  3. Identify your gender (male, female, trans, etc.).
  4. State if you are an individual or representing a couple.
  5. Include a profile image or avatar indicating your gender (face not required) and a brief description of who you are. Make sure this is set to ALL VIEW in Settings.
  6. In your first chat, share a short biography, including what you like, how you discovered the pleasure of sensual massage, and what you want to achieve from this group chat. For example. Specify what gender(s) you like to give/receive sensual massage to/from (e.g., men, women, trans, other).

Important etiquette/rules: (Violation will result in a warning first, deletion second.)

  1. No abusive or offensive language.
  2. Don’t send unsolicited private messages; always request permission to DM (direct message).
  3. Take long discussions to private messages.
  4. Be careful with images in the main group chat; subtle nudity is fine but overtly erotic should be for private messages only.
  5. Report any rule violations to me or other administrators.

What you can do in this group chat:

  1. Add links to articles or websites of interest.
  2. Mention what you are looking for (e.g., seeking a massage meet in Bristol/Sydney/New York/wherever).
  3. Share appropriate images of sensual or erotic massage.
  4. Recommend products/toys for sensual massage.
  5. Promote party group meeting invites.
  6. If unsure, ask Colin (group administrator) before posting.

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