Below are fourteen podcast chapters of Colin being intervieed by jounalist Tracy on the reasons and motivations that women give for taking a sensual massage and what it is actually all about

The Sex Engineer Podcasts:

Introductory EpisodeWhat is a Sex Engineer? (Interview by Daniel)

Interviews by writer & editor, Tracy Starreveld:

Episode 1 Colin’s work with female clients – rationale 

Episode 2  – Couples & men

Episode 3Working with women, motivations and taboos 

Episode 4Further background on Colin’s work

Episode 5Who are Colin’s typical female clients?

Episode 6Some case studies

Episode 7Challenging reasons for seeking help

Episode 8 – ‘I just can’t orgasm when I want to’

Episode 9 – ‘Bad experiences that affect me now’

Episode 10Creating your own sensual massage

Episode 11The consultation process

Episode 12Nudity & touching

Episode 13Consultant arousal

Episode 14The full 1 hour 25-minute interview