Introduction by Colin

Frequently when a person comes to see me for an appointment, whether it is simply for a sensual massage or maybe for sexual performance or a relationship based issue, they are inevitably on a journey of change.

People come to me to seek help to achieve the satisfaction they want from their intimate lives. This may mean that they strive to overcome a past challenge or trauma or a change in circumstances such as the end of a relationship or bereavement. It can also be about a change of culture due to relocation of work or family. Sometimes it’s simply a deep awareness that their intimate life offers more, but they don’t know how to achieve it.

My treatments help in many ways, but going hand in hand with my knowledge and skills in helping understand their sexual beings better  for some support outside of the personal sex life is also needed. Maybe they want to get fitter, perhaps a change of career, or to find a new image to fit the person they are becoming.

This is why I have invited Reece Williams to become an associate of Intimacy Matters.  I have known Reece for many years and witnessed his ability to help people and businesses navigate through change. He does it brilliantly, with no judgement or expectation. So if you feel you could also benefit from some support on your journey, you can be sure that Reece will understand your motivation and help you fulfil your ambition.

A chat over a coffee maybe all that it takes to light your spark of change, or Reece can support you along the way.

Reece Williams – Personal Change Consultant

What I do

I’m a specialist in personal change 

Change can be hard on your own. I help change that. There will be thought processes, behaviours and actions that you’ve unconsciously repeated for some time. Some help, some hinder
I help you see you how other people see you. And why. Then I will develop the “what” and “how” with you to help you realise tangible, lasting change
I’ve spent years doing this. With many different people in many different phases of life. But just as importantly, I’ve spent a long time working this out for me.
Thanks again Colin; I really appreciate you doing this, its most kind.

About Reece

Professionally and personally, I’ve experienced tremendous highs and “leg-swiping” lows. Good or bad, change has been inevitable. It was the realisation that to get the change I wanted I had to have a clear view of the future and why I wanted it; then I needed a plan and focused resolve to see it through.

I apply all that I have learned to help others achieve positive, lasting change. And with a vast rolodex of contacts, I can pull on experts in pretty much any field required to help; from psychologists to image consultants, body language specialists to make-up artists.

Sometimes change is marginal, sometimes its monumental. Either way, a plan, experienced ears (and eyes!), and help makes successful and lasting change more, well, successful!


£75 per hour at a beautiful central London location. Other travel expenses are in addition.

To contact Reece 

Mobile: 07419 822 730