Colin’s mission is to make available his skills as a sex engineer relationship psychologist to as many women (and couples) as possible. Colin believes that the suppression of female sexuality is nothing short of a crime against humanity. For many centuries women have been forced to contain and control their sexuality. Culture, religion, social rules even misguided experts have coerced women into believing that they are not entitled to be sexual beings. Female sexuality has a profound place in human nature. Without this powerful life force society, the human race itself, would not exist.

Consequently, natures has embodied women with complex physiological, psychological, emotional and sexual processes that are designed to maintain the optimum biology and social support to ensure the survival of her and her offspring. These primal processes are still beating loudly within every female today and it is vital for a woman’s well-being that this sexual energy is exercised regularly. When it comes to sexuality and what turns women on, women are often regarded as complex even confused but this opinion is usually given by men. This is because men are trying to understand female sexuality from the male’s perspective. A man’s relationship with sex is quite simple, quantity over quality. Whereas a females sexual strategy is manifold with quantity equal to quality.

For 950,000 years and more before humans developed from being hunter-gatherers to farmers, a sharing society to proprietary society, women behaved sexually in a very different way. In order to make sure she survived childbirth, produced both healthy offspring and that both she and the child survived the female would mate with multiple males. This not only gave her a better chance of her body selecting the optimum sperm it also created multiple paternity as none of the males she had sex with would know whose offspring it was so they all had a vested interest in keeping the child alive. The female is both seeking to create a sperm war as well as a ruse to have the support of multiple males with different skills and characteristics to make sure she and the offspring survive. So when having sex with males the female mind is as much at work as is her body, seeking out not just one suitable mate but multiple mates. So making sexual monogamy as inapplicable from sexual sense to women as it is to men. However, in today’s society, sexual openness is still frowned upon and it takes s a confident woman to follow her sexual feelings freely. This is where sensual massage can play a big part and help women overcomes many frustrations around their need for intimacy, arousal and sexual fulfilment.

Sensual massage for women is both pleasurable and healthy

Taking a sensual massage should not be viewed as just a pleasure for women to experience but it should also be regarded as an important part of a healthy lifestyle for both her body and mind. Female sexuality has a profound place within human nature. Without this immensely powerful life force society, even the human race itself, would not exist. Consequently, women have been embodied with complex physiological, psychological and emotional processes to ensure that our species continues both reproductively and socially.

Lack of arousal can cause poor wellbeing

But when a woman finds herself in a situation where her natural sexual feelings are denied, suppressed or simply ignored then nature can be pragmatic and soon her health and wellbeing can be negatively effected.  Disconnection, frustration, rejection, depression and poor health can be a consequence of a lack of sexual intimacy and erotic arousal.

Listen to your body

If a woman is feeling sexually needy then it is a clear indication that her body is speaking to her. Taking a sensual massage provides an opportunity to satisfy that desire, safely, discreetly. Of course masturbation and quick fix sex are ways to satisfy but the former whilst pleasurable is a usually just a quick release and the latter can lead to complications and regrets.

What type of women chose to take a sensual massage?

I have been working as a professional relationship therapist and mentor for sexual development for men women and couples for twelve years and in this time I have given over 8000 hours of sensual massage. I have been working with women and couples specifically for six years. My female clients include single women, married women, women with partners, women of all ages from 18 to 80 years, all with varying body types from petite to voluptuous and of many different ethnicities and cultures.

What reasons do women give for wanting a sensual massage?

Some women have given the reason for wanting the massage as simply a desire for personal exploration others it is due to satisfy sexual frustration, some come for advice and treatment for a sexual performance problem and others come along for just “me time”. Whoever the person or whatever reason my aim is to give an experience that is not only professional, caring and safe but also one where with my experience and knowledge I can give a sensual massage that takes you on an exciting, sensual journey to the very core of your body.

Top 20 reasons why women come for sensual massage

  1. I am tense and need an unconditional orgasmic release
  2. Difficulty reaching orgasm when with another person
  3. Curiosity and satisfying a fantasy
  4. Lack of sexual stimulation in my relationship
  5. Recently my libido has increased considerably
  6. Frustration/Lack of stimulation by a partner
  7. Guilt/Morality/Shame around sex
  8. Letting go of control and trusting others with control
  9. Recoverer of sexual aggression/abuse
  10. Complacency in the relationship = no longer stimulated by my partner.
  11. Lack of skill/knowledge by self and partner.
  12. I am on holiday/business so free to explore my erotic needs
  13. Postmenopausal and still very sexual.
  14. Convenience and self-care (busy professionals who don’t want a relationship).
  15. Cultural and religious restrictions.
  16. Exploration of sexual practices as yet untried or unwanted by my partner.
  17. Poor body image and lack of sexual self-esteem.
  18. I want my partner to watch me have a sensual massage
  19. I want my partner to give me four hands with the masseur
  20. I want to explore my bisexuality with a male & female masseur couple

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