It has been 15 years this June that I began my career as a sensual masseur. 5 years later I trained as a Sex & Relationship Therapist and at this point, a decision had to be made. Do I conform to guidelines and I give up the massage to focus on the talking or do I follow my convictions, go it alone and combine the sensual bodywork with the counselling to become the sex and relationship engineer that I am today. Clearly I chose the latter and have never looked back.  In that time I have met many remarkable, brave and dedicated people both as clients and as fellow practitioners and every one of them has given me just a little bit more learning and understanding of the human sexual and psychosexual dynamic.

This week I was fortunate to be introduced to Steve McGough, and a 15-minute Zoom call turned into a 2-hour in-depth conversation. Steve is the founder and creator of the hi Massager a remarkable piece of engineering to help women with pelvic floor issues and orgasm exploration. In the conversation, Steve explained to me about the deeper neurology of the human body, particularly on how the autonomic nervous system interplays with sexual arousal. Something I have witnessed many times but never had the physiological knowledge to fully understand why when treating a client with a sensual massage, certain things happen.

It’s all about the Vegas nerve

Steve is a chemist come, technical engineer, come CEO, come women’s sexual health expert and now the creator of the hi massager. From Steve, I learned the reason why my many of my female clients enjoy so much the neck, back and abdomen massage I give in the early stages of the Absolute Premium sensual massages treatment. I also now understand better why and how the client’s body becomes aroused. I notice fingers and toes twitch, and the hips move. This involuntary movement is a signal to me that all is going well. It is down to this massively important, but little talked about the mass of neurological engineering called the Vagus nerve.


The secret of the Vagus Nerve is that it permeates throughout the torso, and although medical journals don’t generally reveal it, in women, this conglomeration of nerves extends into the pubic and genital area and it is now beloved to be one of the main contributors to bringing on orgasm.

9 Fascinating facts about the Vagus Nerve

The hi Massager

As a result of Steve’s research to help his wife overcome a life-threatening situation, he created the hi massager. In the US its is permitted only to be known as a medical tool and a pelvic floor stimulator. It seems that an inability to orgasm and practical treatment to help a woman overcome this are not regarded as a health issue ( physiological or mental ) so the hi massager can only be sold as a stimulator of abdomen muscles. However, in much of Europe particularly the UK attitudes to sex are changing fast. Of course, it is still regarded as a reproductive process and a pleasurable activity between lovers but in the last fives years, the European medical establishment and the media are talking about sexual arousal being necessary to maintain good health and mental well being.

Cosmopolitan Health benefits of sex

The hi Massager soon to be available in the UK

Since I work a lot with women who have challenges with reaching orgasm and with couples looking at alternative ways to bring pleasure into their lovemaking Steve has asked me to review the hi massager

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For August and September, I am offering clients the opportunity to try out the hi massager

For single women

A 60-minute sensual massage treatment session with the hi massager included – £75

For couples

A 90-minute sensual massage treatment for her with instruction to the partner learning some simple sensual massage techniques and instruction on the hi massager. – £125


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Watch the 20-minute video of Karma giving the hi massager a full intimate demonstration.

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