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 Tandem Massage for Couples

Tandem Massage is the perfect shared sensual experience for any hedonistic couple seeking to explore sensual massage, whilst laying side by side.

In this experience two masseurs (Colin & a female or another male masseur) give the massage together with you both laying side by side taking you and your partner on a journey of sensual pleasure. Using full body massage and erotic touch we engage and arouse your whole body and pleasure senses. Each massage can be tailored to your own specific requirements but as a guideline we offer the following options.

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Tailor Your Experience

Tandem Hetero

This is a 90  minute massage and by Colin and a female masseur

You and your partner are invited to lay side by side on separate tables in the same room. Colin massages the female partner and Seren massages the male. In this option, The masseurs both focus their attention on the receiver of the opposite sex only throughout entire duration the massage.

Intimacy Level 1

No 29 – Tandem Hetero – £450 

Intimacy level 2

No 30 – Tandem Hetero – £550

Tandem Bi

This is a 90 minute massage and can be given by Colin and a male or female masseur

You and your partner are invited to lay side by side on separate tables in the same room, but in this case both masseurs focus their attention to you both equally by seamlessly moving between the male and female partner. This is an experience where you can explore both opposite same gender and same touch. Male masseur to female, female masseur  to male, male masseur to male, and female masseur to female.

Intimacy Level 1

No 31 – Tandem Bi (Colin & female) – £450

No 31b – Tandem Bi (Colin & male)  – £300

Intimacy Level 2

No 32 – Tandem Bi (Colin & female) – £550

No 32b – Tandem Bi (Colin & male) – £400

Tandem Curious

This is a 90 minute massage and can be given by a Colin and a male or female masseur

In this option, you and your partner will be invited into separate rooms for your own private massage experience.

‘Tandem Curious’ allows you both the opportunity to explore your own sexuality privately as two individuals, but with the comfort and reassurance that comes from participating in this experience together as a couple.

Intimacy Level 1

No 33 – Tandem Curious (Colin & female) – £500

No 33b – Tandem Curious (Colin & male)  – £350

Intimacy Level 2

No 34 – Tandem Curious (Colin & female) – £600

No 34b – Tandem Curious (Colin & male) – £425

Gay Tandem

This is a 90 minute sensual massage specifically for gay, bi or bicurious male couples and is given by Colin and another male masseur. Perfect for the male couple who want to enjoy a sensual massage whilst in the same room together.

Intimacy Level 2

No 34c – Gay Tandem (Colin and male) – £425

Intimacy Level Options:

In each experience, the masseurs are comfortable to be naked when giving the massage and you are welcome to lightly touch back if you wish to – or simply relax and indulge yourself in your own feelings of pleasure.

Depending on your level of comfort, there will be an element of intimate touch given to you both, with the intention for your masseur to bring you to climax.

Intimacy Level 1 – Sensual & caring to you
Allows you as the receiver, to simply indulge in your own personal pleasure by relaxing on the table and allowing Seren and/or Colin to deliver the massage using their hands to provide individual genital stimulation.

Intimacy Level 2 – Reciprocal with mutual touch
Invites a more intimate level of giving and receiving, where you as the client may wish to include an additional element of touch to the individual masseurs as they give.

You are welcome to ask questions and discuss these options in more detail prior to booking your session.

We will always ask that you personally disclose your boundaries and consent levels in advance of the massage beginning.

Bookings & Enquiries

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