What is Sensual Massage

When you take a sensual massage, it should be an experience that combines traditional therapeutic massage techniques blended with sensual, intimate strokes to create the ultimate massage experience.

Think of it as a seduction of both the body and mind. Light touch merges into firm muscle work that subtly transcends into intimate erotic arousal.

Master Sensual Masseur Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters, who has been giving sensual massage professionally for fifteen years to women, men and couples explains that he takes a humanistic approach to his work. By drawing on his knowledge of sexual psychology and physiology and the natural primal sexual processes he creates a tailored experience for each person.

He explains that as well as being pleasurable, a sensual massage produces immediate physical and emotional benefits that can be more profound than a regular therapeutic massage. It is also a safe way to explore and understand one’s own sensual and sexual processes within a non-judgemental confidential environment.

Depending on the masseur and the requirements of the receiver, the message can remain light on the arousing touch or it can become more intense and erotic. It is not essential, but the massage usually incorporates orgasm.

Differing from the Tantric massage, which usually avoids orgasm and incorporates elements of spiritual ceremony, the Sensual Massage work with the person’s physiology, psychology and sexuality.

Colin also works with clients who want help with sexual fulfilment and performance the sensual massage forms part of the 3 hour The Psychosensual Treatment which incorporates counselling with sensual massage and is designed to help sexual challenges such as anorgasmia, erectile issues, sexual inexperience, loss of libido, premature ejaculation, fear of sex, lack of sexual experience, etc.

Is a sensual massage a proper massage?

Most certainly since an authentic sensual masseur should also have proper training in therapeutic and maybe sports massage. Always best to check

Is a sensual massage similar to tantric massage?

Yes, it is similar to tantric massage in that it is an intentionally arousing massage, but it is given with a humanistic approach that does not include any ceremony or ritual but is focussed on the natural process of arousal of the body and combined with therapeutic benefits of regular massage. It gradually develops from a traditional massage to a sensual massage building to erotic touch.

Is a sensual massage erotic? Is it sexual?

Yes, taking a sensual massage is erotic in the sense it uses erotic arousal to relax and enhance the pleasure of letting go. The massage can be regarded as sexual in the sense that the intention is to incorporate orgasm into the experience and although the treatment is designed to simulate the whole sexual arousal process replicates what pioneering sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson categorised as The Excitement Phase, the Plateau Phase, the Orgasmic Phase, the Resolution Phase. The massage is given as an intimate therapeutic treatment rather than a sexual encounter.

Why do we love to be touched?

Receiving intimate sensual touch is one of the most pleasant sensations that most people can experience. The sense of touch is a vital part of the human condition and is arguably one of our earliest forms of communication. It is accepted that both our physiology and neurology are specifically designed to facilitate it and when a person is touched it also has a profound effect on our psychology. A slap given with aggression can hurt and indicate anger, causing us to feel fear or anger in return. A firm hand on the shoulder or back will give us a feeling of friendship or support. Intimate, caring touch, particularly when combined with stimulating arousal, can create a feeling of trust and closeness, a factor that is essential in the bonding of human relationships and thus the continuation of the species.

From our earliest Homo Sapiens ancestors who lived 250,000 years ago to probably as recent as 5000 years ago, tactile intimate touch between humans would almost certainly have been offered and received unconditionally. It would be given without cultural, religious or social controls and probably not seen solely as sexual communication but also as a system to establish both mixed and same-sex cooperation. It would have stimulated group security and collaboration, ensuring – in times of danger and stress – the support between one human and another. It would have helped determine hierarchy, established trusting relationships, promoted teamwork and loving bonds.

Not much has changed in our biology since those early times, and for most of us, the pleasure and desire to be touched by another is still very much within us. When we are touched the skin receptors pass the response information through to the central nervous system which in turn influences the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system connects to the deepest and most ancient part of our brain known as the Stem or Reptilian brain. This ancient part of the brain can be traced back to over 200 million years of mammal evolution. It is concerned with our most basic primary needs such as survival, physical maintenance, hoarding, dominance, preening and mating and from these basic urges activate the emotions of love, hate, fear, lust, and contentment.

In early man, the distinction of intimate behaviour is appropriate or inappropriate would not have existed; there would have been no social, cultural or religious rules controlling our natural desires and need for intimate touch. Our behaviour would be instinctual: when hungry, we looked for food; when under threat, we fought or ran; and when in need of a sense of belonging, we would have sought intimacy from other humans. There is no greater affirmation of an individual’s acceptance than to touch and be touched intimately, to care and be cared for, without condition, expectation or obligation.

Sensual massage is an ancient natural medicine for today’s stressful times

By providing a person with a non-judgmental, honest, open environment where it is not only OK to feel arousal but appropriate, the sensual massage is probably one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have, enabling both the body and mind to relax in a way that regular massage does not. By reducing tension and stress or anxiety of the body, the mind regains its calm. As the body becomes more sensually aroused the sensory messages transmitting from the skin and erogenous areas reaffirm to the mind that we are safe. Hormones such as oxytocin, progesterone and testosterone are released, causing our muscles to relax; the mind becomes still, and for a few hours we can literally exist in the ‘moment’.

Who can benefit from having a sensual massage?

Everyone, of course, but since we are all individuals with unique life experiences and lifestyles, the benefits can vary from person to person. For many the massage can be a glorious discovery of escapism; for others, it can be a place to release the tension of a hectic life; for some, it can be about the exploration of the self, one’s sensuality and sexuality. It can also be very beneficial for those experiencing sexual anxieties and performance issues.

In men, particularly, it can simply be about male to male bonding or it can help with overcoming erectile issues, premature ejaculation, sexuality exploration, loss of libido or fear of intimacy. For women, the massage can be an opportunity to have their body physically stimulated and pleasured without feeling self-conscious, judged or expected to perform in a particular way sexually. For couples, it is a wonderful way to reignite the sexual spark by learning new skills to practise on one another. The treatment can be given as a gift by one partner to the other to let them experience another person’s touch without this threatening the relationship.

For whoever is receiving the massage, it can be an experience that is both profound and revolutionary. We live in a time when there is so much control, and much is expected of us. By having a sensual massage, we return to our primal instincts and desires.

Sensual massage is ultimately about caring for oneself through another person’s energy and physical skills. Arousal and stimulation are an inevitable part of the massage, but orgasm is optional; it can also be an important part of the process since, following the orgasm, feelings of relaxation and well-being can be even more profound.

How can I identify a good sensual massage therapist?

The therapist should be professional in style and approach, acting in integrity and thus inspiring trust in the client. The treatment area should be warm, clean, comfortable and welcoming. The therapist should take the time to explain the process of the massage and answer any questions that the client may have. The massage should include both therapeutic massage of the whole body as well as intimate, sensual, arousing massage of the erogenous and genital areas. The massage should be caring and meaningful with the therapist inspiring a sense of genuine ‘love’ for what they do and to whom they do it for. The therapist should be able to work intuitively, understanding the client’s specific needs but at the same time making their own personal physical boundaries clear.

What are the health benefits of taking a sensual massage?

When we are touched and particularly when receiving sensual arousing touch, remarkable things happen to our bodies. Doctors and scientific research are increasingly discovering the amazing effectiveness to health and well-being that regular sexual arousal produces. Here are some facts.

It’s a natural pain reliever:

Sex causes increased production of oxytocin, Touch and intimate stimulation of the body triggers the body to produce oxytocin. This so-called ‘love hormone which is released from the pituitary gland released surges and is accompanied by the release of endorphins, our natural pain-killing hormones. Oxytocin helps us form strong emotional bonds as well as reduce pain. Oxytocin increases the tolerance of pain threshold in women significantly.

It’s a stress reliever:

Endorphins are natural mood-boosters and stress relievers. Sex boosts self-esteem and increases intimacy between partners. Semen contains mood-altering hormones that can reduce depression and elevate mood.

It boosts immunity:

Endorphins stimulate immune system cells that fight disease. Immunoglobulin A in individuals who have regular sex. It helps to protect us from infections.

It’s good for your heart: 

Erotic arousal and orgasm depending on your level of enthusiasm can be considered aerobic exercise – burning up to 200 calories per session. When we are aroused, we produce higher levels of estrogen which protects against heart disease. The hormones released during arousal causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

It’s good for mental health:

For women: – Receiving sensual massage empowers the female psyche. The primal female sexual dynamic is to feel desired. If a female feels desired, then she will likely successfully reproduce offspring. The more males that desire her then, the better chance of makes the most healthy offspring. For a female who is experiencing a lack of intimate sensual touch and sexual arousal here, mental well being can be dramatically affected. Loss of self-confidence, self-worth, depression, frustration, even anger can all result from not feeling desired or receiving sexual stimulation. The sensual message’s methodology is to make the female feel she is the complete focus when nothing expected from her other than to enjoy the experience. This freedom to enjoy the experience and to feel the centre of attention often gives an immediate transformation to her mindset. 

For men: – Receiving a sensual massage for a man taps into his primal sexual dynamic of the need for approval for men. Whether it is a female or male giving the massage, most men’s most important aspect is that the giver is enjoying giving the massage. Paradoxically, even though the message should be about the male receivers experience, if he feels that the giver is enjoying giving the massage, even becoming aroused as they give the massage, this maximises the male recovers sense of approval. The need for approval is linked to reproduction and the passing on of his genes. If the female disapproves of him, she won’t select his means for sex; no sex means his genetic line stops. It also connects with his sense of security and survival as a lack of approval from others may mean he is of less value and is not of any importance, then there is the threat he may be rejected from his tribe. Maybe rather than sending gang members to corrective institutions, a course of sensual massage could revive there a sense of value and lessen the need to take part in realistic crime ignorer to fit in. 

For couples: – Whatever the sexual orientation of the couple or poly couple, if there is a demise of intimacy and sex in the relationship, both can experience feelings of rejection, frustration, anger, and libido loss. Brining sensual massage into a relationship can restructure and rejuvenate the erotic dynamic between a couple. Giving a sensual massage to one another means that each can take turns in being the centre of attention. Using sensual massage as the platform to explore with a third party or another couple brings excitement and adventure to the relationship but keeps the encounter within agreed set limits and boundaries.