My name is Amit Amin and I run a film production company.

Here is an exciting opportunity I’d like to share with you.

On the 13th December Colin and his Intimacy Matters practice is being filmed for new content for the IM website and as part of a potential TV documentary around the world of Psychosensual and Sensual Massage.

The pilot show

A 15 minute pilot show is to be created to present to various TV networks. The aim is to present sensual massage as a treatment that should be regarded as legitimate therapy rather than as a sex service. A therapy that can help everyone, women, men and couples explore, develop and over come any challenges within their intimate times.

Spread the word

I believe that the commitment and down to earth approach that Colin has towards normalising sexuality should not be contained for just the lucky people who are recommended to see him or those who find him by chance on Google.

I have heard many stories from people who have seen Colin and whose lives have been fundamentally improved by having a safe place to discuss and explore their sexuality.

I want to take Colin’s philosophy, treatments and classes to a far wider audience.

Your help is needed

We are seeking help from some supportive women, men and couples to help us with this project. Filming will take place at the Intimacy Matters venue in Chelsea on 13th December between 10am and 9pm.

Ideally we want to interview the individuals to give a few words as to what they feel about sensual massage and the importance of the availability of practical sexuality support like this. We want to film be a before interview and an after interview. Colin would also be filmed giving a sensual massage ( not graphic but implied) to a female, a male and a couple 9 probably her receiving him watching taking part ) The couple can be fictitious.

The interviewer

The interviewer is Dr.Morriss-Roberts PhD MA CSci who will himself be taking a sensual massage from Colin and the talking about his experience.

Filming will take place all day on 13th December so volunteer models can come morning, afternoon or evening in approximately 2 hour slots or longer.

In return for your help Colin will be offering the following remuneration

Models A – filmed having massage, close up body shots only, not showing face or voice = A complimentary 75 minute massage value £195

Models B – filmed having massage, close up body shots only, voice on interview but not face = A complimentary 75 minute massage value £195 + £50

Models C – filmed having massage, close up body shots only, voice & face shown in interview = A complimentary 75 minute massage value £195 + £100

Models D – filmed having massage, full body shots including some tasteful shots of intimate arousal , voice & face shown in interview but not during massage = A complimentary 75 minute massage value £195 + £200

Web site links of Production company and Dr Chris

To apply

If you are interested please complete this application form

Note from Colin

If you applied a few weeks back please re apply as I forgot to include the section for return contact details on the form !