Sensual massage is fast becoming accepted even encouraged as an essential health treatment and not just a sexual indulgence. To receive intimate arousing touch that is unconditional. non-judgemental and requires no reciprocation is sublime as well as being terribly good for both the physical and mental well being. It does wonders for the bodies immune system; it relaxes the mind and energises the neurological systems. It makes us feel accepted, safe and trusting. Emotions that the human being indeed most mammals have strived to find since our evolution over 200 million years ago and it is the same biology and neurology that worked then and still does now.

Everyone knows that massage promotes well being, but what many do not realise is that sensual massage goes even further and helps reboot the body and spirit. When the body becomes aroused, it produces a cocktail of endorphins and hormones that each have a profound effect on the body. Frequently, I receive comments back from both women and men that they have felt very different after having received a sensual massage.

They say they feel so much calmer, more grounded, less stressed and able to concentrate better, after having a sensual massage. If you want your day to start well or if you have a hard task ahead of you, take the time to come for a morning sensual massage and reap the benefits of receiving this fabulous treatment and be set up for the day ahead.

Read here the science of how the body benefits from receiving erotic arousal.

Appointment Special Rates

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For Women

  • 60 minute Absolute –  £135
  • 75 minute Absolute – £155
  • 105 minute Absolute – £235

For Men

  • 90 minute Premium –  £195

For Couples 

  • 2 Hour Watch & Enjoy & Watch & Touch – from £255

To Book

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Location – Intimacy Matters venue in London Bridge SE1 4QS