Tuesday, 9th May 2023, was the date I stepped back up onto a stage. Having been forced to take a sabbatical from public speaking due to Covid and then losing touch with the platforms I spoke for, it was great to hear from Will of Seed Talks.

What I enjoy about receiving a text is that it’s always a surprise, and when Will’s text appeared on Whatsapp asking if I was still giving talks, of course, I said yes, but why. It turns out Will, who used to manage talks for Funzing, has set up his company hosting talks, and this is Seed Talks.

Why Seed Talks well as they say on their website 

Seed Talks was founded in London in late 2021. We are an independent events company dedicated to sharing interesting and worthwhile knowledge in Science, Psychedelics, Wellness, Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience.

Our speakers are carefully selected and vetted by a team with over five years of experience in public education. You can rest assured that you are learning from a trusted professional at our events.

So having told Will I was happy to give talks again, he asked, can you do one in three days in Bristol? It seems that the guest speaker who was going to talk on the subject of Kink & Fetish had to cancel, and with two hundred tickets sold, Will was in a bit of a pickle. as there are not many out there who could step in on this subject. My most popular talk is the Psychology of Kink & Fetish and other behaviours.

Three days later, on May 9th, I was standing on stage at the Hen & Chicken venue in Bristol in front of an audience of over 200, and it felt good, and as I remember, the enthusiastic Bristol audience did not disappoint.

Bristol Audience Follow Up

If you attended that talk and want to view the presentation slides to remind yourself of the talk, then email me at colin@intimacymatters.co.uk 

and I will send you the link to a password-protected page