Sexperts Business Community Announces Plans for New Platform

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OXFORD, United Kingdom—The Sexperts Business Community (SBC) on Monday announced the upcoming launch of a new platform for sex and relationships experts.

This membership-based community is setting out to redefine how professionals in the dating, sex, and relationships industry connect with their ideal clients.

Responding to the growing need for a safe and uncensored space for sex and relationship experts to promote their services, SBC’s platform aims to bridge the gap between professionals and individuals seeking expert guidance in intimate matters. In a landscape fraught with censorship and limited reach, the creators say this platform offers a place for diverse voices and “unparalled support.”

“Our community has a pressing need for a platform where professionals could thrive without fear of censorship or restrictions on their reach,” said Leah Spasova, a psychologist who specializes in sex and relationships. “The forthcoming platform is designed to empower experts to connect with their ideal clients while sharing their uncensored wisdom in sex and relationships.”

The SBC is now welcoming sexual health and relationship experts to apply including educators, therapists, matchmakers, BDSM, and Tantra experts to join the community. Members will enjoy a comprehensive suite of promotional tools, including the opportunity to showcase their services, events, products, programs, and more directly to their target clients.

“I’ve always dreamed of a one-stop solution for all of my marketing and promotional needs, allowing me to focus on what I do best—serve my clients,” said Spasova. “This platform is exactly what I’ve been searching for, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with the community.”

As SBC remains committed to enhancing the landscape of the sex and relationships industry, the pre-launch phase of its new platform is underway. The official launch is slated for late Summer 2024. For a limited time, early bird applicants will receive an exclusive 40% discount on memberships.

Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters has been an avid supporter of the Sexperts Business Community and his reaction to this announcement od the launch of this new platform is extremely positive.

Sex has always been a marginalised subject and yet it is common to every one of us. As a result for anyone wants to improve the quality of their intimate life, relationship or simply to have more fulfilling sex they have had to trawl though pages of google results before finding a suitable therapist / teacher.  Now, with this new platform it will be much easier for both clients and practitioner to connect. I am excited to see this development and being it is a giant leap toward the acceptance of the importance of this fast growing profession.

Interested professionals can apply to be featured here.

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