Colin & Intimacy Matters – Finalist in the Sexual Freedom Awards 2024

In January, Colin was nominated by his clients and colleagues in the category of Somatic Sexologist for the 28th Sexual Freedom Awards 2024. Several days ago, it was announced that Colin is one of three finalists. The Sexual Freedom Awards has been held every year for the past 28 years in aid of the Outsiders Trust helping people with disabilities to have fulfilling relationships and sex lives. The award ceremony/event is to be held again at the fabulous Bush Hall is Shepherds Bush, London W12 7LJ. To enjoy this fun and rewarding event tickets can be purchased on this page

What one person said about why Colin should be considered

Colin’s nomination for Somatic Sexologist of the Year in this years Sexual Freedom Awards 2024,  is well-deserved, given his exceptional contributions in representing the profound intersection of intimacy, healing, acceptance, and exploration within the realm of sex and relationships. His work in the field has not only broken new ground but has also become a beacon for individuals seeking a holistic approach to their sexual well-being. His approach to sensual massage and particularly psychosensual treatments is unique and profound.

One of Colin’s standout qualities is his emphasis on somatic experiences in the realm of sexuality. By recognizing the inherent connection between the mind and body, he has elevated the discourse around somatic sexology. Colin advocates for a comprehensive understanding of sexuality that goes beyond the physical act, emphasizing the importance of connecting with one’s body and sensations as a means of fostering genuine intimacy.

Colins beliefs

In addressing intimacy matters, Colin’s approach is rooted in the belief that somatic experiences play a pivotal role in creating meaningful connections. Through workshops and educational initiatives, he guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery, encouraging them to explore the nuances of their bodies and connect with their partners on a deeper, more profound level. His teachings provide a roadmap for individuals to navigate the intricate landscape of intimacy with mindfulness and intention.

Colin’s work also underscores the therapeutic potential of somatic exploration in the process of healing. He acknowledges that individuals may carry emotional and psychological burdens related to their sexuality, and through somatic practices, he empowers them to address and overcome these challenges. His counseling sessions and workshops create safe spaces for individuals to engage in healing through embodied experiences, fostering a sense of self-acceptance and liberation.

Furthermore, Colin advocates for the acceptance of diverse sexual experiences. His inclusive approach ensures that individuals from various backgrounds, identities, and orientations feel represented and validated. By promoting a culture of acceptance, he contributes to the broader narrative of breaking down stigmas and challenging societal norms that can be restrictive and harmful to individuals exploring their sexuality.

Commitment to exploration

Colin’s commitment to the exploration of sexuality is evident in his promotion of a sex-positive and curiosity-driven mindset. He encourages individuals to embrace their desires, preferences, and fantasies without judgment. This exploration, guided by somatic principles, allows individuals to navigate their own sexual landscapes authentically, fostering a sense of empowerment and agency in their intimate lives.

In conclusion, Colin’s nomination as Somatic Sexologist of the Year reflects his exceptional contributions to the field, particularly in representing the interconnected aspects of intimacy, healing, acceptance, and exploration through sex and relationships. His innovative approach has not only expanded the horizons of somatic sexology but has also positively impacted individuals on their journeys toward a more fulfilling and authentic sexual well-being. Awarding him this title would recognize not only his past achievements but also the transformative potential of somatic sexology in fostering a more holistic and empowered approach to sexuality.

The 28th Sexual Freedom Awards 2024 ceremony & celebration

Tickets on sale now! Thursday May 2, @ Bush Hall, London.

Compare Kelly Gordon. Credit: Creative Eye

Our Chair of Judges is the wonderful Somatic Sex Educator Kian de la Cour. Kian and his fellow Judges will be choosing the winners for the finalists of the following categories:

Activist, Ally, Creator, Event, Performaner, Podcast, Product, Sex Worker, Somatic Sexologist, Striptease Artist and Writer of the Year.

All over 18 yrs old are welcome to buy a ticket. We mix entertainment with award presentations. Our aims are twofold: to honour professional people and organisations who inhabit the sexual universe and to live it up a little.

Live performances will be from nominees in the Performance and Stripper categories.

Who will be carrying away the trophy – The Golden Flying Penis?  Be in the building to see first hand.

The raffle will be supported by sex toy company Hot Octopuss.

We celebrate sex workers, performers, activists, agitators and influencers. Our values are sexual equality, the right to self-expression and accessibility.

Charlie George, comedian and our compere for the 25th Awards, said “I was essentially hosting the Oscars but sexier”.

If you need BSL interpretation please would you contact us at the email address below, in FAQs.

The Awards raises money for The Outsiders Trust (charity number 283350), founded by Dr Tuppy Owens who also founded these Awards. The charity supports an online club of people who have disabilities so that they might find friends, relationships and explore their sexual expression. It also runs a helpline, helps professionals through a forum (SHADA) and is behind various websites with information, e.g. finding an experienced sex worker (TLC-Trust).

Tickets can be purchased HERE

What is a Somatic Sexologist?

Somatic sexology is a diverse field which can include practitioners schooled in multiple types of modalities. Practitioners may have training in somatic approaches to sex coaching, psychology, education, and counseling. They may also be trained as massage therapists, sexual surrogates, or energy workers.

The goal of somatic sexology is to help people feel their sex lives more fully and profoundly. A somatic sexologist uses a couple of different methods to achieve this goal of healing the mind-body division – the main one being physical practices such as breathwork, movement, and touch.

Touch modalities used are generally practices of emotional connection and intimacy – therapeutic massage, sensual massage, erotic massage, or surrogate partner therapy. These methods can also include energetic work such as tantra, shamanism, or Taoist approaches.

In the same way another practitioner will use talk therapy, somatic sexologists sometimes incorporate a talk-based approach in their method. They verbally guide their clients to bringing more awareness to their body sensations and emotions, helping the mind acknowledge, attend to, and integrate what is happening in the body.

Colin & Intimacy Matters – Finalist in the Sexual Freedom Awards 2024