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Sex after surgery – what to do when problems arise

It’s not uncommon for surgical procedures to get in the way of your sex life. Surgery affecting parts of the sexual anatomy poses an obvious issue as there’s likely to be pain in the immediate area, but this can also be the case for any type of surgery which leaves the patient with tenderness and […]

First time tips for sleeping with someone new

For many, that first time sleeping with someone new can be an electrifying experience. For others it can be awkward. One thing is for sure, the focus of dating seems to be on sex more than ever before. Clear data on how long the average person waits before they have sex with a new partner […]

How to pleasure a woman: the art of foreplay for men

From child to young adult, most of us receive at least an adequate education in a myriad of subjects intended to prepare us for life. Maths, science, chemistry and geography to name a few, and if we find any subject difficult, we can get extra tuition. But when it comes to the most necessary and […]