Intimacy Matters Boutique Group Workshops

for men and women of all sexualities 

These small group workshops are designed to give an introduction to the pleasures of sensual massage. Sensual massage is not an alternative to sexual pleasure but an enhancement. Women know that taking time increases the intensity of erotic arousal, and many men have yet to find out the joy of receiving and giving slow creative foreplay. Attend a boutique workshop, and your perspective on lovemaking will expand in four hours and give you a dimension of pleasure that will be with you for life. No matter your age, gender, or orientation, sensual massage is a skill everyone can acquire.

A boutique workshop is for up to four persons working in pairs on specialy selected volunteer receivers. All start at 7pm and finish at 11pm. The location is the Intimacy Matters Treatments rooms in Chelsea SW3 3LH.


Massage My Woman Boutique

A boutique group workshop for men who like to give sensual pleasure to women

2022 – Tuesday 29th November or  Tuesday 6th December

2023 – Wednesday 1st February or Thursday 23rd February

A four hour small group workshop teaching men the art of giving sensual massage to women. Incorporating imaginative sex play techniques for their female partners to experience enhanced foreplay and deeper pleasure. This group workshop includes practical sessions giving sensual massage to specially selected female volunteer receivers. Location Chelsea London. For more details and to apply for this workshop Click here



Massage My Man Boutique

A boutique group workshop for women who like to give sensual pleasure to men

2023 – Wednesday 11th or Thursday 26th January, Thursday 9th or 23rd March

This 4 hour evening boutique workshop is for a maximum 4 women practicing on up to 4 male volunteers in 2 sensual massage practice sessions

This sensual massage workshop is perfect for the woman who wants to enhance her confidence in giving sensual and erotic pleasure to men.

Working in pairs and rotating between each male volunteer receiver you are taught a step by step sensual massage routine. The Massage My Man group boutique workshop teaches both therapeutic and sensual strokes to create gradual arousal, building to a crescendo of erotic touch. This teaching will also include specific techniques such as… Read more



Sensual Sisters Boutique

A boutique group workshop for women who like to give sensual pleasure to other women

2023 – Wednesday January 18th

This 4-hour small group workshop is a good as starting point for the woman who wants to develop her confidence and skills in giving sensual massage and enhanced foreplay techniques to other women. Maximum attendance is four female students practicing on two female receiver models. Participants can be of all orientations but must have a genuine interest in giving another woman a sensual massage combining foreplay and integrated erotic techniques. The four hour workshop covers some theory of female to female intimacy but mostly focuses on teaching practical skills in two 90 minute massage sessions.

Read more



Touch & Turn On Boutique

A boutique group workshop for men who like to give sensual pleasure to other men

2023 – Thursday 16th March or Monday 27 April

This workshop is for gay, bisexual or bi-curious men who want to explore their sexuality safely and socially by learning to give a full body erotic massage to another man. The workshop comprises two practice sessions during which you will be shown specialist massage techniques that combine both therapeutic massage with erotic touch and body to body massage. Working in pairs you will practise on vetted fit male volunteer receivers. Read more