Ladies & Gentlemen – invest in pleasure.

The media keeps reminding us that the next few years will be challenging financially, politically and socially and that there is not much we can do about it. But one aspect of our lives that can remain within our control that we can improve on and enjoy is giving and receiving intimate erotic pleasure.

It has not been taxed, does not go on strike, nor can it become weaponised. Conversely, it promotes well-being, is good for mental and physical health, and feels amazing.

Over the next six months, I will be running regular boutique group workshops teaching people how to enhance their sex lives by learning more about the psychology of sexual arousal and teaching the art of giving a sensual ( erotic ) massage.

Whether it is for impressing a new date, caring for a loving partner, re-energising a long-term relationship, de-stressing the mind and body or just having fun with friends, erotic massage creates a whole new dimension to an individual or couple’s sex lives.

Taking one of these boutique workshops will change your life in just four hours.

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