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Colin Nominated for Award

Dear Colin, We at Juicy Productions are very pleased to inform you that you have been shortlisted for the finals of The Erotic Awards in the “Sexual Therapist” category. Our judges feel that your work meets and exceeds our criteria of being high-quality, sex-positive, inclusive and unique. Well done!   What are the Erotic Awards […]

Massage Workshop Testimonial

TESTIMONIAL by Veejay who attended a Male to Female Standard Workshop April 2013 When I initially signed up to attend the Standard Day course, I expected to learn some massage techniques to help in my love life as I considered myself quite bad at foreplay with women. What I ended up getting was much, much more. Colin made me […]

Sex at Dawn – Blog

Here is a well written humorous blog and critique of one of my favourite books “Sex at Dawn” by Chris Ryan and Cacilda Jetha. The blog is written by Lea of A Litte Leaway   Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá are anthropologists who have decided to take a fresh look at human sexuality, asking the question “Are we innately monogamous, […]

Erotic Awards/Night of Senses

    EROTIC AWARDS / THE NIGHT OF THE SENSES – Friday 22 March at Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush, London. Now in their 25th year, the Erotic Awards and Night of The Senses were founded by sex therapist and campaigner Dr Tuppy Owens and are run yearly as charity fundraisers, by volunteers, raising money for Outsiders – a sex positive charity supporting disabled people in finding partners.       […]

Bisexuality to be the new gay

    Article taken from the on line Magazine 429 Read the original article here There have always been myths surrounding bisexuals and bisexuality. While homosexuality started becoming accepted in numerous cultures across the world, bisexuality remains stigmatized and discriminated against. When it comes down to sexuality, prejudice has often been an issue leading to […]

Guest Speaker at Birds Bees Please

I am really pleased to have have been asked to take part as a guest speaker at Benedict Garrett’s first event Birds Bees Please to be held in Balham this Sunday 17th March. Also on the panal with me will be Porn Performer Tiffany Naylor  and Lili La Fleur female stripper and founder of the House […]

Anal Sex, top or bottom or not at all?

Introduction by Colin Richards Recently I have been asked by both men and women about the growing requirement / desire to include anal sex in a sexual relationship. Certainly as an additional sexual activity it is on the up as it were but is this just an internet generated phenonium or is anal sex opening the way for greater […]

World Map of Penis Size

Here is an on going survey and the world map of penis size. Not sure how accurate the map is but it certainly gives interesting statistics of penis size in relation to country. Why not go ahead click on the image below and check out who has what and where and then send in your own data? […]

Premature Ejaculation – Facts

Here is a great article on PE written by Debby Herbenick, PhD of the Kinsey Institute. As you may suspect, PE is fairly common, experienced by about 20 to 30 percent of men at any given time. PE is also subject to different definitions among scientists as well as laypersons. For example, some young men – relatively inexperienced with […]