Couples Sexy Massage

Increasingly couples are discussing the idea of expanding their sensual and sexual experiences.

Sexperts Business Community Announces Plans for New Platform

The Sexperts Business Community Monday announced the upcoming launch of a new platform for sex and relationships experts.

Couples Lifestyle Events

Couples lifestyle events and sex party survey. The purpose of this survey is to discover

Overcoming Challenges with Orgasm with RTT

Achieving a fulfilling sexual experience is a vital aspect of our overall well-being, yet for many, it remains an elusive goal.

Unique Property For Sale In La Palma – Canary Islands

This is a one-of-a-kind property in El Paso La Palma Canary Islands. It is a true paradise for nature lovers. An artfully landscaped, oasis-like property with lots of greenery awaits you.

Colin – Finalist in Sexual Freedom Awards 2024

In January, Colin was nominated by his clients and colleagues in the category of Somatic Sexologist for the 28th Sexual Freedom Awards.

The art of shallowing

Shallowing’ is a technique that can dramatically intensify female sexual pleasure, particularly when included in a sensual massage

Orgasm – The journey, as good as the destination

The experience of orgasm is unique for everyone. A person can only experience their own orgasm, and we can never know what another person’s orgasm feels like.

Podcast Survey Results

Over the past couple of years, it has been suggested by many clients and subscribers that I should host an Intimacy Matters Podcast.