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A Foreplay Maximiser and Orgasm Enhancer

The Hi Massager – now available in the UK and support with demonstration classes on how to get the best out of your hi massager by combining it with a sensual massage

Colin’s opinion

Recently I was fortunate to be introduced to Steve McGough, DHS, and a 15-minute Zoom call turned into a 2-hour in-depth conversation. Steve is the founder and creator of the hi Massager a remarkable piece of engineering that among other things helps women with pelvic floor issues and orgasm exploration. In the conversation, Steve explained about the deeper neurology of the human body, particularly on how the autonomic nervous system interplays with sexual arousal. Something I have witnessed many times but never had the physiological knowledge to fully understand why when treating a client with a sensual massage, certain things happen.

It’s all about the Vagus nerve

Steve originally worked in neuroscience research at Wake Forest School of Medicine as a biochemist.  Later, he was a professor of Clinical Sexology at the IASHS in San Francisco until it closed in 2019.  Steve and his wife accidentally discovered this new orgasm response when trying to help other women’s pelvic issues.  In the journey creating and refining hi®, they have worked with several thousand women and couples. Steve is a co-founder of, and Director of Research & Development at Women and Couples Wellness.

From Steve, I learned the reason why my many female clients respond so well so during the neck, back and abdomen massage I give in the early stages of the Absolute Premium sensual massages treatment. I also now understand better the interplay between the neurological and physiological systems of the body that explains why and how arousal happens.  I notice fingers and toes twitch, and the hips move, tensing of the back muscles, movement of the hips.  These involuntary movements are a signal that her body is responding. All because of the vegas nerve since it is this massively important, but little talked about mass of neurological engineering that when triggered by the brain makes it all happen.


The secret of the Vagus Nerve is that it permeates throughout the torso, and although medical journals don’t generally shout it out, in women, this conglomeration of nerves extends into the pubic and genital area and it is now believed to be one of the main contributors to bringing on orgasm.

9 Fascinating facts about the Vagus Nerve

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About the hi Massager

Hi® Massager is that it is designed specifically to target women’s pelvic muscles in a unique patented way.  This also works through clothing (or feminine napkins). Women can use this massager to help relax, as well as for intimate needs.

The Hi Massager is designed to target multiple pelvic muscles and regions simultaneously – and when needed, with more power than anything on the market.

To reach all these areas, hi has to be this size.  This allows stimulation from multiple nerve paths simultaneously.  The combination of adjustable vibration and percussion stimulates nerves in 4 different frequency ranges.

This combined approach is dramatically more relaxing and stimulating.  Other products typically stimulate one area, at one frequency.

The unique design of hi allows it to target wide areas of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

Plus it’s like riding a bicycle – once you learn how it’s easy and a lot of fun and I am here to give you your first lesson

Hi Massager Experiential Sessions & Classes

Hi Massager Solo Sessions

These are 60-minute treatments (90-minute actual appointment) The Solo Sessions are a combination of 40 minutes sensual massage with the inclusion of the 20 minutes with the hi massager. There are two versions of the Solo Session.

Hi Massager Solo Absolute – £135

This treatment includes both external clitoral and internal vaginal and G Spot stimulation and vaginal massage.

Hi Massager Solo Intimacy – £95

This treatment gives just surface of body arousal only ie clitoral stimulation and can be given naked or through underwear or tight leggings

Hi Massager Couples Classes

This is a 75-minute treatment (90-minute actual appointment) The Couples Session is a combination of 15 minutes tuition in massage and hi massager techniques (teaching the partner) followed by 30 minutes sensual massage with the inclusion of the 15 minutes with the hi massager. There are two versions of Couples Session

Hi Massager Couples Absolute Class – £195

This treatment includes both external clitoral and internal vaginal and G Spot stimulation and vaginal massage. Teaching the partner to use the Hi massager effectively as well as learn how to give vaginal massage and G spot stimulation.

The Hi Massager Couples Intimacy Class – £155

This treatment can be given with the receiver being naked or through underwear. It includes the teaching of traditional massage strokes with some clitoral stimulation only.

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