The Satifyer Pro 2  Air Pulse Stimulator

The Satifyer Pro 2

“I discovered the Satisfyer sex toy a couple of years ago and immediately brought it into my treatments.  I could see that this rather curious looking pence of bedroom kit could achieve things that other sex toys could not. With its air pulse system it stimulates the clitoris not by friction but by sucking. Switch it on, place the hole over the clitoris and then simply let it do its magic.

I have now used the Satifsyer in over 100 treatments for women who have challenges with reaching orgasm and my estimate is by including this toy within the Absolute sensual massage 85% of the women reach orgasm with the Satisfyer as part of the experience. For some it may be the first time ever to experience orgasm for others it maybe the first time in the presence of another person.

But I don’t say this is a toy is just for women. It is an essential piece off kit for every man. The discerning man knows that women like foreplay with variety and by incorporating the Satisfyer into the lovemaking it ensures that she experiences a powerful clitoral orgasm before moving into full intercourse. So guys make sure you have a Satisfyer in your tool kit as it will enhance her and your  pleasure considerably”.

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  • Featuring a whisper quiet motor and a soft silicone head, the Pro 2 sets the mood to reach the peak of your desire.
  • Stimulates the clitoris using intense pressure waves without direct contact
  • Made from super-soft, skin-friendly, medical-grade silicone that’s smooth to the touch and extremely hygienic
  • Thanks to its waterproof (IPX7) finish, this toy can be used safely in water and is easy to clean

Watch The Video

To view the Satisfyer being demonstrated go to Intimate Tutorials and view the video tutorial titled The Importance of Sensual Massage and Toys for Women

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