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Colin Talks Sex

In this 10-minute video interview (15/2/18) recorded for mental health resource charity website of Head Talks Colin advocates that healthy physical and mental well being must include a fulfilling sex life where sexual satisfaction and sensual intimacy can flourish freely without judgement or cultural constraints.

Colin’s services include:

  • private one to one bodywork treatments for relaxation and exploration
  • psycho-sensual treatments for clients who experience sexual performance insecurities or fears who want to become more confident in sex and their relationships
  • mentoring and practical one to one teaching for single men, women and couples on how to improve intimacy sexual confidence and sexual performance
  • group workshops teaching enhanced foreplay skills and sensual arousal
  • face to face or Skype mentoring talking over your situation and finding new ways forward
  • speaking, presenting or demonstrating  at public or private events

New Treatment Room for Women in City Centre – Moorgate

I am able to clients at a treatment room in Moorgate, Chiswell Street EC1Y 4SF

45-minute Catalyst Massage for women

The Catalyst massage is designed as a treatment for women who work in the City area of London and who have limited time to spare but are seeking tension release. The massage can be given as either the Sensual Catalyst surface arousal only or the more intense Absolute Catalyst. Both treatments begin with a 20-minute therapeutic massage to relax and gently arouse your body in preparation for the stimulation.

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Treatments For Women & Couples

Colin has been providing sensual and psycho-sensual treatments to women and couples since 2008. He works with people of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities and body types. Some are single by choice, some are reluctantly single, many are partnered in loving yet sexually unfulfilling relationships. Others are in relationships where the sex has become just functional, some are in good relationships but need more, sexually. A few are from cultures that restrict sensual and sexual expression and some are simply nervous and naive and lack sexual confidence and knowledge.  To hear how Colin works with these people and to learn more about his unique abilities as a groundbreaking therapist Read More

Support & Tuition to Improve Sex, Intimacy and Pleasure

Colin gives professional relationship and sexual performance support and training to men women and couples. Face to face mentoring and practical tuition are tools used to enable you to become more confident and aware in your relationship. Read More

Talks & Events

Forthcoming talks & workshops [click here for more details]

  • April 10th – Funzing Talk Shoreditch – Psychology of Attraction
  • April 21st – Killing Kittens Workshop Vauxhall – Massage My Man for women
  • April 28th – Killing Kittens Workshop Vauxhall – License to Thrill for men
  • May 2nd – Funzing Talk – Psychology of  Fetish & Kink in a Church
  • May 7th – Funzing Talk – Psychology of Attraction – Bristol
  • May 14th – Funzing Talk – Psychology of Attraction – Manchester
  • May 15th – Funzing Talk – Psychology of Fetish & Kink – Manchester

Colin’s 3 Sex Tips

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Why Some Men Like Men

In his Theory of 5 Influences, Sex Mentor Colin Richards challenges that perception. Informed by his 12 years experience of working with thousands of men who have expressed a broader sexuality plus his subsequent research with two independent surveys Colin presents his arguments and his findings to support his Theory of 5 Influences. Read More

Colin’s Media Coverage

Read how the media view Colins work

Over the past 5 years, my work as a sex engineer and therapist has caught the attention of the media and I have been fortunate to have been featured in some of the most well-known outlets. Cosmopolitan, The BBC,  and recently The Metro and The Independent newspapers to name a few. What is interesting is how over the years the approach and tone of the articles has changed from sceptical and almost judgemental to informative and supportive. From my first 6-page feature in Cosmo in 2015 Would you pay this man £175 to give you an orgasm to the most recent Cosmo article in January 2018 Why these 4 women pay a stranger for orgasmic massages there is strong evidence that at last the importance of having a fulfilling and healthy sex life is being supported by the mainstream press. Read More


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Intimate Tutorials

Intimate Tutorials offers on line massage training videos created by Colin