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Relationship Mentoring

Colin gives professional relationship and sexual performance support and training to men women and couples. Face to face mentoring and practical tuition are tools used to enable you to become more confident and aware in your relationship. Read More

Sensual Massage For Women & Couples

Built on traditional therapeutic massage where muscles are worked and aches and strains are eased, the sensual massage also encourages emotional and physical arousal. Taking a sensual massage should not be viewed as just a pleasure for a woman to experience, it should be accepted as an important part of a healthy lifestyle for a women’s body and mind. For couples sensual massage can bring in a whole new dimension to their relationship.

Treatments for Women

Treatments for Couples

Why Some Men Like Men

In his Theory of 5 Influences, Sex Mentor Colin Richards challenges that perception. Informed by his 12 years experience of working with thousands of men who have expressed a broader sexuality plus his subsequent research with two independent surveys Colin presents his arguments and his findings to support his Theory of 5 Influences. Read More

The Couple’s Affaire Sensual Massage Party Feb 24th 2018

A sensual occasion for adventurous couples who enjoy exciting conversation, flirtatious games, erotic entertainment designed to gently lead to an evening of intimate exploration of sensual touch and adult playtime.

Saturday February 24th 2017 – 8.00pm to 2.00am

“At last, an adult party that puts as much emphasis on having a fun party as it does on the erotic encounters, so even if you don’t participate in the sensual play you still leave having enjoyed great company, fun games and great views and that’s not just the river Thames!” H & A (Sept party)

Tickets on sale now

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Intimate Tutorials

Intimate Tutorials is designed to be an educational platform for adults teaching intimate sensual connections and sexual expertise by exploring both the physiology and the psychology of human arousal.

Current video tutorials available to buy

Improve your lovemaking and erotic foreplay skills:-

  • Male to female full body erotic
  • Female to male full body erotic
  • Male to male full body erotic
  • Sex toy demonstrations

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Colin’s 3 Sex Tips

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Colin’s treatments in the Independent

Sharon used psycho-sensual massage, where a therapist stimulates the body, to climax with another person for the first time ever.

“I did wonder if orgasms were real,” says Sharon who, aged 48, has never climaxed with a sexual partner. “Were they just something that people talk about? I didn’t know and wasn’t going to ask.”

Like between five to 10 percent of women, and a smaller number of men, Sharon has anorgasmia – or an inability to orgasm.

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Intimate Tutorials

Intimate Tutorials offers on line massage training videos created by Colin