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Sensual Massage Experience

An experience that can be tailored to suit your imagination and desires but remain within your personal boundaries. 

Increasingly couples are discussing the idea of expanding their sensual experiences. Whether it is a couple who have been together for some time and want to expand their experiences or a new couple who want to start their intimate life on an open exploratory agenda that they can enjoy together the first step into the sexual free world can be a little daunting. This is why taking a joint sensual massage can be the perfect start on this journey. To help couples decide what is best for them I have created a selection of appointment options. From the Watch & Enjoy to the joint Tandem massage experience there is something here to suit you. If not I am happy to tailor into the experience any specific desires you may have.  Feel free to contact me to discuss any aspect of the massage or if you want to clarify any point. If you do contact me please be clear and open about what you are wanting

The Couples Massage Experience

Choices in brief are below but for the full details of each massage options scroll further down the page.

The Watch & Enjoy Experience From £195

Intimacy score 6

This is a wonderful experience where one partner, (usually the female) enjoys the full-body Absolute massage while the other partner ( usually the male) watches from nearby. The partner is able to touch and be close to the receiver but does not become involved. The massage can be a 105, 90 0r 60-minute in duration.

The Cuckold Experience – From £215

Intimacy score 6

Similar to the Watch & Enjoy Massage but this time the male partner is not permitted to get near and must watch from afar or remain in a separate room but within hearing distance. If there is a specific cuckold scenario then this may be integrated into the massage.

The Watch & Touch Experience – From £225

Intimacy score 6

The best of both. The massage begins with forty-five minutes of expert sensual massage given by Colin then when Colin feels the receiver is ready (usually the female) he invites the other partner (usually the male) to join him to give a stunning 4 hands experience.  This massage can be a 105, 90 0r 60-minute massage option.

The Give With Me Experience – From £275

Intimacy score 6

4 Hands experience with Colin and your partner since the partner gives the whole massage with Colin to the other partner. This is not a teaching massage but more an experiential massage that can be tailored to your desires and boundaries. This can be a 105 or 90-minute massage option.

The One After The Other Experience – From £250

Intimacy score 6

Consecutive massages given to you both one after the other with any of the above options included. This can be  90 0r 60 minute massage option.

The Tandem Massage Experience – From £295

Intimacy score from 3 to 6 dependent on which Tandem you select

Massage given at the same time to you both by Colin and either another male or female masseur. This can be a 105, 90 0r 60 minute massage option.

The Couples Psychosensual Treatment – £375

Intimacy score 5

Overcoming challenges in the relationship and learning new sex play skills. Three-hour appointment includes 60 minutes sexual performance and relationship mentoring and a 90 minute Absolute or Intimacy sensual massage.


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Conditional acceptance – No surprises!

I do not give surprise treatments so a condition for me to accept your booking is that I need confirmation you are both fully supportive of the idea and in agreement of the content. To ensure this I ask you to complete one of the respective Authorisation & Request Forms below.

What massages can be included within a couples experience?

The couples massage options are only given by Colin with Premium Absolute Massage or the Intimacy Massage for the female and the  Premium Massage or Standard massage for the male, but a Semi Sensual (surface arousal only) option is also available for both female and male.

The Tandem or 4 hands massage experience is given by Colin and either an associate male or female masseur that Colin recommends. Each masseur identifies their Intimacy Score to indicate how sensual the massage can become.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am sure before you decide on which massage you want to book you will have many questions. Please click this link to read the answers to most of the questions I get asked. If I do not cover your particular question then please do not hesitate to email me.

For FAQ’s [Click here]

Can a couples massage be regarded as a cuckold experience?

Click Here to read Colin’s article on the possible motivations behind the cuckold experience.

Example motivations

Here are some examples couples have given for taking the experience.

Female receiving

  • The male partner either waits in a comfortable waiting room nearby or departs after dropping of the female partner and returns at the end.
  • The male partner wants to watch his female partner being massaged as seeing her receiving from another person pleasure gives him pleasure.
  • Female partner wants to explore sensual and erotic arousal but is more comfortable with a partner present.
  • Female partner wants to experience a different erotic dynamic than the one they have become used to.
  • Female partner likes to perform for her partner.
  • Sharing the experience makes her feel closer to her male partner
  • Female wants to explore same-sex intimacy but with her partner present
  • Lesbian couples want to experience sensual arousal from males but in a safe controlled environment

Male receiving

  • Male wants to have an erotic experience from another female but with his own partner present.
  • Male partner wants to explore his sexuality but in the presence of his female partner.
  • Female partner wants to watch her male partner being sensually massaged by another man or woman
  • Gay male partner wants to watch his partner being sensually massaged by another man.

Both receiving together

  • The couple is thinking of opening up their relationship sexually and feel this is a good place to start as it’s professional, boundaried and discreet.
  • They both want to try something new but with the other present and enjoying the experience with them
  • The one or both of the couple want to explore their bisexuality so the masseur sweeping as they give allows for safe seem gender contact.
  • A fantasy one or both have had and with time on their hands, this is the perfect way to explore and create memories.

Testimonials from past Couples

Click here to read testimonials from couples


Unless otherwise arranged couples appointments are given at my London Bridge Treatment Rooms.

Hotel and home visits can be arranged but this does add travel and extra time costs.

Introductory 15 minutes FREE Call

Coming for a couple experience can be a big step for some so I offer a 15-minute free phone call. Sometimes one of the couple want the experience and the other is unsure so a phone call with you both in open chat can help you understand what is involved and how the experience would unfold. If you do want to speak to Colin then text him on 07966 522696 or email his on colin@intimacymatters.co.uk to arrange a callback

View Videos & Read Descriptions

To read the uncensored description and view videos of the ‘Absolute” and Premium massages and other massages register to access the private area of this site  Intimacy X

Make a Booking

Please use the number referenced by the massage of your choice when booking.

To make an enquiry click here

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To talk/text/WhatsApp Colin direct – 07966 522 696.


Colin Richards and Intimacy Matters have current Civil Liability Insurance (including Public/Products Liability and Professional Indemnity) that covers both counselling services and therapeutic massage. Colin Richards and Intimacy Matters DO NOT have this insurance to cover any sensual or arousing bodywork since to date this is not available.  Clients taking a sensual massage, a psychosenual massage or any form of sensual treatment that involves nudity, arousal, and erotic stimulation do so at their own risk and will be asked to sign a waiver before taking the treatment.

The Couples Massage Menu

The Watch & Enjoy’ Cuckold Experience

The ‘Watch & Enjoy’ (cuckold) massage is perfect for the couple where one partner wants to watch the other partner receive the sensual massage. The massage given is usually the 105-minute ‘Absolute’ Massage for the female or the 90-minute ‘Premium’ Massage for the male but can be shorter lengths see below options. As well as enjoying seeing their partner experience the pleasures of this massage it also provides a perfect opportunity to learn a few techniques in erotic arousal. For the female this cuckold massage enables her to experience a different type of touch and sensual dynamic from a man other than the one she regularly experiences. This often results in her experiencing sensations that she may not have felt before and so is particularly good for women who experience a lack of sexual fulfilment or possibly difficulty in reaching orgasm.

Female receiving the massage, male watching.

Please use the number referenced by the massage of your choice when booking.

24 – With the 105 – minute Absolute Premium  – £275

25 – With the 90 minutes Absolute Tension Release Massage – £255

26 – With the 60 minutes Absolute Explore Massage – £195

27 – With the 90-minute Intimacy Massage – £235

Male receiving with female watching

28 – With the 90-minute male to male Premium massage – £255

29 – With either the 60 minute male to male Standard – £195



  The ‘Watch & Touch’ Couples Experience

The ‘Watch & Touch’ massage is probably the most popular couples massage I give because it enables one partner to enjoy the therapeutic element of the massage and explore the gradual arousal that it encourages whilst the other partner watches. Then after about 40 minutes, when the erotic energy develops, the watching partner can join in and the massage becomes a 4 hands experience with all the excitement and exploration that comes with that. The massage given is the ‘Absolute’ massage for the female or the ‘Premium’ massage for the male.

Please use the number referenced by the massage of your choice when booking.

Female receiving male watching then joining in

30 – With the 105-minute Absolute Premium massage for the female receiving – £295

31 – With the 90- minutes Absolute Tension Release for female receiving – £275

32 – With the 60-minute Absolute Explore – £225

Male receiving female watching then joining in

33 – With the 90-minute Premium male to male massage for the male receiving – £255

34 – With the 60 minutes Standard male to male massage for male receiving – £225


 The ‘Give With Me’ Couples Experience

This ‘Give with Me’ massage is similar to the above and is given as an option for the couple where one partner wants to help give the whole massage to the other partner as 4 hands, with myself as leader and guide. I can be partnered with either with the male or female to give to the other. The massage given is the ‘Absolute’ massage for the female or the ‘Premium’ massage for the male.

Please use the number referenced by the massage of your choice when booking.

35 – With the 105-minute Absolute Premium massage for the female receiving – £315

36 – With the 90-minute Premium massage for the male receiving – £275


The ‘One After The Other’ Experience

This is a double massage where both partners receive a full body sensual massage one after the other from Colin. The person not receiving can either watch or take part in giving the massage as above. The experience can be tailor-made to suit your imagination and desires.

Please use the number referenced by the massage of your choice when booking.

37 – Platinum £375

3.5 hour appointment that includes 2 x 90-minute full body sensual massages, based on a 90-minute version of the ‘Absolute’ for her or the 90-minute ‘Premium’ for him

This is a double massage (2 x 90 minutes) where both partners receive a full body sensual massage one after the other from Colin. The person not receiving can either watch or take part in giving the massage as above. The experience can be tailor-made to suit your imagination and desires.

38 – Gold £250

2.5 hour appointment that includes 2 x 60-minute full body sensual massages, based on 60-minute ‘Absolute Tension Release’ for her and 60-minute ‘Standard’ for him


 The ‘Tandem’ Couples Experience

The Tandem massages can be given by  Colin with either a Male or Female Masseur.   The masseurs can remain giving to the same person or they can swop over from time to time and same gender exploration is fine.

Assistants Masseurs

Colin gives the Couples Tandem massage with any of the Assistant Masseurs (provided they are available)

Female Assistants – Click here

Male Assistants – Click here

How erotic can the massage become?

The Tandem Experience can include either  the Absolute or Intimacy massage for the female and or the Premium or Standard massage for the male. However, we like to hear how you would like the experience to be and any particular desires of you want to explore or boundaries you want to be maintained.

Intimacy rating for the associate masseurs

When selecting your second masseur to give with Colin you may want to check their Intimacy rating. By the name of each masseur on the respective associate masseurs page is a number from 1 to 6. This indicates to what level of erotic intimacy they are comfortable to receive while giving the massage to you.

To learn more specific details about what each masseur can include   you will need to  Register with Intimacy X to get access to the age-restricted material on this site or contact Colin to ask a question on colin@intimacymatters.co.uk 

39- Tandem Platinum

(Intimacy score 5). 

A 3 hour appointment that includes a 90 minutes Absolute Premium Massage for the woman and a 90 minutes Mens Premium Massage for the man men given simultaneously side by side then optional time on the play bed.  This massage can be tailored to your specific requirements please enquire by email for full details of what we are happy to include. (105 min massage each) – £700

40 – Tandem Gold

 (Intimacy score 4)

A 2-hour appointment with the 90 minutes Absolute Premium Massage for the woman and the 90-minute Men’s Premium Massage for the male partner  – £495

41- Tandem Silver

(Intimacy score 3)

A 2-hour appointment – A lighter experience with the 90 minute Intimacy Massage for the women (surface of body arousal only) and the 90 min Men’s Premium Massage for the man – £395

42 – Tandem Bronze

(Intimacy score 4)

A 1 and half hour appointment 90 minute with the 60 minute Tension Release Absolute Massage for the women and the 60 minute Men’s Standard Massage  – £355

43 – Tandem Tin

(Intimacy score 3)

A 75-minute appointment with the  60 min Intimacy Massage for both – £295


44. – Couples Psychosensual Treatment

3 hour – £375

Help with sexual performance and relationship challenges for him or her or for both.

I sometimes see heterosexual couples who are experiencing sexual disconnection in their relationship and are seeking help. A sexual disconnection can occur for various reasons, but often it is to do with either the women not being able to reach sexual fulfilment (orgasm with the partner) or the man either being too reticent or speedy in his lovemaking or just unaware of how to properly stimulate his partner to orgasm. To help then overcome this challenge I usually recommend they come to see me for a Psychosensual Treatment. This is a three-hour appointment that combines both frank conversation to explore the sexual dynamic within the relationship followed by a 90-minute sensual bodywork session for one or both of them.

Click here to read more

Colin’s Personal Statistics

Height – 6ft

Weight – 86Kg

Build – Muscular

Ethnicity – Caucasian

Sexuality – Bisexual

Status – Divorced. For the past six years, I have been in a relationship with a female partner

Children – Five all over 21

Intimacy Score – 6 women 5 Men

Read Colin’s full profile Here

Discounts & Payments Plans

Discounts and monthly payment plans for regular appointments

I like to make sensual massage accessible for everyone but I do realise sometimes that even though the desire is strong the cash flow situation may not allow you to make an appointment or workshop with me when you want to.

To help I offer  payment plans that enable you to spread your payments over 12 months for more details [Click here]